TrackTalkers Group set up on LetsRun Worlds Prediction contest


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It would be nice to see entries from ALL the TrackTalk Playgrounders. Weldon even included a crib sheet to help you— you have no excuse.

here is the link do not forget to reregister with the group although your old registeration and password carries over from the last contest entry into the group must be renewed.


Joined but it might get ugly…


winner of the largest group gets a prize, even w/out winning the contest overall:D


last contest someone made a group-“This is the largest group” - the sheeple joined it- trhey made it indeed the largest group.


I’m “bigmaz” on there.

-2010 NCAA XC Team Prediction Contest Champion.


mucking sheeple


Joined and did not have a letsrun account until now.

EDIT: My predictions will be horrible, I don’t really follow professional running.


can this thread get stickied




Last Chance---- contest closes 7PM EDT but you can edit until right before the first round of an event


don’t worry guys i have that $200,011 covered.

skurey gets 25% and the rest of you can suck my dick


So I picked Usain Bolt for the 100 meter gold… so much for that happening. The one and done false start rule is pretty dumb.


Thanks, Usain, thanks.


I suck at picking these things