TrackTalk Roast of runxc6792



You say I’m the one obsessed with running when your avatar is a spiked shoe. Also, I don’t recall sub150orbust calling me out on teh 'stat, and I couldn’t find any evidence of that perusing the old “Pic of Yourself” thread.

Feel free to roast me back, runxc.


[creepy memory post]

She called you out because you kept posting a picture of yourself running at the state xc meet (and she also mentioned you constantly saying how well you did).

[/creepy memory post]


this isn’t you roasting him. this is you responding calmly and rationally to his roast of you.


He said he doesn’t even know me. Is that a joke?

I ****ing run these boards, you guys are just my pawns.




well hold on now there, I deem this roast unofficial.


Okay, that makes sense now. I do recall that.


Dear Mr. Tyson,
I am not a fan of you. In fact, very few posters on the site are fans of you. You have the ****tiest avatar I’ve ever seen. You’re posts are mundane. You speak as if you are knowledgable in every facet of life, but in reality you know jack ****. You say I am an incredibly ****ty poster, yet my rep/post ratio is above 4, while you have yet to reach full rep. You are a clown. I hope you never post again.



I thought we were all Mikel multis.

Decent troll. Has us all going for a while.

Informal roast then.



I made sexual advances towards him through the reputation feature.

He did not respond.


Also, runxc, your username is one of those running oriented ones that just kind of mixes in with all of the other usernames involving run, xc, and track. Get original bro.


Nice stalker job. I’m glad you value your rep so very much. You are indeed an incredibly sh!tty poster along with Show’em and a handful of others like Cheesedoodles. Ask around if you like. Your posts are immature and suggest a pre-pubescent 12 year old more than anything else. And you work far too hard to try to convince me that I’m disliked when I could care less- I know who I like and I know who I don’t like. I’m also unsure why you choose to speak for this board as a whole when I can assure you that “you” and “tracktalk” are not aligned in hardly any of your beliefs. But continue doing what you do little buddy. Have a nice day.

To Mighty Mouse. Pretty sure your avatar was a picture of yourself racing for an extended period of time.


looking back, i never even really notice your posts. putting anyone on the level of show’em is a bit much and i dont think anyone would disagree with that. you do seem to get really angry about stupid **** tho. who cares if he was posting pics of himself on the pics of yourself thread. unless i’m mistaken, that’s the point of said thread



I have. People like me. Do you want a list?


I wish I had a better username.


i like tim


I like people who accepted my request on facebook.




P.S.-That means you like me <3

Official **** Okko Thread

Jesus man. I almost have to feel bad for you because I can tell that you’re serious.