TrackStar Apparel


The site will be open in less than 14 hours. Anyone other thane me excited?:eek:


finally we get to see what they have


What’s so special about thsi website?


I’m actually kind of excited
im a fan of Trammel


It’s Terrence Trammel’s new line of good that’s he’s coming out with. All the singlets you’ve seen him wear and the shoe covers are a part of his brand. Here’s the facebook page:


The countdown is over but still nothing :frowning:


hopefully he comes out with some white shorts :smiley:


it still says there are 55 minutes for me


Aaahhh so pumped. Hurry up!!!


Mine finished at 12:01 :confused:

Edit: Eastern time


not a great way to start.

i would have assumed that the site was already developed and was simply set to appear to the public on a certain date.

sounds strange but i want some spike covers for cc and track. i want some protection for my victories.


I want a singlet. I don’t care if I’m not running blazing times I just want one :o


thats kind of lame that all you can do its zoom. lol


really dissapointed atm, the screen is too wide, even for the 17inch screen on my laptop. all you can do is zoom in on pictures, it’s telling me to check the countdown, WHERE IS IT??? the pages take half a million years to load (maybe and exageration) and there’s that stupid, cheesy music that can’t be turned of.

also the sit’s meant to be here on 4th july, it’s 5th july atm and i’m not seeing anything???


POS flash website


I’m so tight right now I just want a singlet and some covers!!


I wish this would work!!!


so has any one had luck?




4 days later and still nothing