Track Talkers Net Team for the LetsRun pick the Trials contest


our team is TrackTalkers Net


In as bigmaz.


note neither Ash HH nor Andrews 800 have declared as of yet. Wheating declared in 800&1500.
David Torrence declared in 1500 still not in the 800
Keeping track of these things should be a group effort.

Maybe we issue a friendly challenge on LR say–
An Affinity Group Championship.

Self scored and in keeping with The Olympic Spirit no trash talking until after we win.
The average score of our top five versus the top fives’s from the other groups
top three- top ten? All the marbles on the BestFourth/ Fifth man— it a bit nonconventional might be fun.


I pretty much went with the 1-3 seeds in most events and only focused on the distance events. My pick for third in the 800m is Erik Sowinksi, 2nd at NCAAs in the 800m.


I don’t know, I kinda feel like getting that stuff right is part of the game.


My picks:

Some of the picks are definitely out there but you have to have a couple of dark horses to keep things interesting. Call it dumb call it dreaming but i’ll stick with it.


I noticed the Kenyan Trials are also starting. Now that would be a prediction contest!


Point taken especially since my team contest idea drew zero comment never mind zero support:o .


my picks:

admittedly, a decent amount of the picks are what I want to happen, not what I realistically think will… :o


Having a team contest would be pretty cool. Especially because I think we’d win.


how do i go about editing my picks? can’t seem to find a way…


log into contest site go to event you want to edit re plck the header will reset scroll down submit

priceless! WiT giving 'puter advice:confused: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


23rd overall and 2 points away from a prize! so close. won our group though :slight_smile:



That was probably the worst I’ve ever done at one of these things.


I do not remember a contest where I failed to be in the top 2/3.
I’ve been distracted by some domestic events but I did not update my picks as info came in- like not replacing Gatlin in 200 and forgetting I picked when the contest was in shakedown mode and I never followed up on changes to the picks-a pick was not on the list so I went other that choice became a punch when it came out of Beta and missed it.
Let this be a reminder to all that we must pay fleekin’ attention.
That all said Congrats to our winners and to all who played- great showing.
We’ll all do better in the OGs contest!!

It looks like a Felix vote in the 100 scored zip even though the official results for the trials list tie3rd- then again figuring when and what is really official with USAT&F these days seems to be up in the air.


I rallied to finish mid pack after being close to last in our group mid-trials. I did correctly pick 14 of the 23 event winners and had 4 events where I picked the entire top 3 but in the wrong order (picked Simpson ahead Rowbury in the 1500, Lagat ahead of Rupp in the 5k, Kipp ahead of Franek in the Steeple, and not sure on the order in the shot but I picked all 3 right there as well). In hindsight not sure why I didn’t pick Centro to make the 1500 team…probably because I spent a grand total of 5 minutes making those picks.


were it not for picking gatlin in the 2, i think i would have ended up winning one of those $100 gift certificates… them’s the breaks.

#18 gets a mention as the largest group in the contest :smiley:

19 year old Ben Wach is the other big winner in our contest as he won the group, which had the largest number of new participants in a contest. As a result Ben gets a $250 gift certificate.
A self-confessed running nerd (aren’t we all), Ben says, “Running is absolutely my passion.” Ben has been dealing with a lot of injuries but hopes to run at SUNY Geneseo this year.