Track Talk Roast Edition - Bigbo


Bigho this is your time in the spotlight, we love you, but sometimes you’re just a little to big for these forums, so prepare to be roasted over a nice, hot open flame.

A few ground rules:

  1. Nothing is off limits as long as it’s legal.
  2. if you are the roast subject, don’t get butt hurt, it’s the internet, don’t take it seriously.
  3. If you post, make a joke.
  4. This is all in jest, let’s have some fun.


You’re one of the only forum members to never compete in track and field, his Internet pursuits are a little more pure than the rest of us. Most of us came here to talk about Track or Cross Country, Bigbo came here because he was a lonely, hopeless, baseball player who wanted to discuss his favorite show, “The Bachelor.”

You’ve previously been voted master of the Playground, that’s probably because that’s all Baseball is, playing on the ground, and I’m sure that it’s not all that difficult to be good at that.

Bigbo must be a pretty lonely guy, why else would he spend time on a track forum? You know some of us have speculated that the reason he doesn’t post for periods of time is because his keyboard malfunctions because of all the tears that fall onto it.

Bigbo probably stands for Bigboy, cause he should probably grow up and move out of his parents house.

Shorticake17 has the same tights.

The end.


You have barely urinated on more women than me.


the only action he gets is with little kids

…actually that wasn’t a roast, that was jealousy


I miss you.


Bahaha, I am actually in the place where that photo was taken right meow.

Maybe, I will ghey up my ballerina routine even more this year.


I also should note, I dominated future York Dorks in middle school XC and track.


this thread sucks

because its about bigbo


Only thing that sucks more is his sister on a friday/saturday/tuesday night


Dude sucks imo.


What kind of idiot manages to land himself only a school teacher job?


Why do you waste time on here when you could potentially be stealing stupid kids’ bright ideas and running with them to make $$?


When you come out to play with bitches, are bitches like, “Oh…it’s…really …little…Bo!”


I guarantee you couldn’t do it.


Don’t argue in absolutes n00b.

But naturally, I’d rather be a pornstar.


Starts too many threads


Why not? I’m absolutely 100% positive that you couldn’t do it.




His mother smells of elderberries.


NYU doesn’t have an education program so your probably right