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Hello TrackTalk Community!

My name is Ian Lutz and I am the creator and host of the podcast INSIDEtrack! This is a podcast that interviews elite athletes weekly to understand better what sets these athletes apart. We are all students of the sport of running so why not learn from the very very best in the field.

Here is the link to all our episodes: INSIDEtrack | INSIDEtrack Presented by: the Track House | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Please let me know what you think and if there is anyone you’d like to hear on the program! I also would be very thankful if you would share this link with anyone who wants to learn more about the sport!

See you out on the roads!

Athletes that have been on the show:

Matt Elliott:
Heather Kampf:
David Prince:
Phoebe Wright:
Ben True:
Alysia Montaño:
Chris Solinsky:
Georganne Moline:
Leo Manzano:
Cam Levins:
Dee Dee Trotter:
Ford Palmer:
Brenda Martinez:


If you’re interviewing elite athletes why would you talk with Chris Solinsky?


Ian, thank you for these! I look forward to diving in.


Holding an American Record makes one elite. Even if it get’s broken.

Didn’t say elite in 2015.