Top 10 performers in 100/ 200


In 2009/ 2010 we saw the men’s 100 all time lists get attacked and now with Blake and Dix moving things around we have a serious grouping at the top of the 200 as well. Currently we have competing at the 200:

  1. Usain Bolt (JAM) - 19.19

  2. Johan Blake (JAM) - 19.26

  3. Walter Dix (USA) - 19.53

  4. Tyson Gay (USA) - 19.58

  5. Xavier Carter (USA) - 19.63 (I know, I know only 20.53 this year)

  6. Wallace Spearmon (USA) - 19.65

  7. Christophe Lemaitre (FRA) - 19.80

  8. Alonso Edward (PAN) - 19.81

and throw in Gatlin, Ndure, Ashmeade, Guliyev, Salaam, Sorillo, M. Mitchell and C. Mitchell for good measure and you have some serious talent suddenly filling up the half lapper.

In the 100 we are sitting on this gold mine of talent:

  1. Usain Bolt (JAM) - 9.58
  2. Tyson Gay (USA) - 9.69
  3. Asafa Powell (JAM) - 9.72
  4. Nesta Carter (JAM) - 9.78
  5. Johan Blake (JAM) - 9.82
    =10. Justin Gatlin (USA) - 9.85 (go ahead and attack this one)
    =10. Mike Rodgers (USA) - 9.85 (not sure where he is in his case)
    =10. Richard Thompson (TRI) - 9.85

And throw in Dix, Ryan Bailey, Makusha, Frater, Daniel Bailey, Padgett and Lemaitre to get again a serious talent pool.

In next year’s Olympics both the US and Jamaica will leave a top 10 performer EVER at home. Brutal.


tangently a quote from Ibrahin Hussein in tvtoni’s blog

With the talent that is sure to be left home next summer, how about if someone staged a secondary Olympics for all the  athletes who barely failed to qualify for the Big Dance? Not a bad track meet to attend, either.


As comparison to the levels of the 100/ 200 when Kirani James ran his final PR this year it made him the = 36th man ever in his event (ironic @ 44.36) and of course he won the World Champs in a much slower time of 44.60 that made him (at the time) = 78th (tied with John Smith from 1971 (!), Viktor Markin’s winning time from the Moscow Olympics, Michael Blackwood from Jamaica and everybody’s current underperforming British 400 runner Martyn Rooney.


Out of pure ignorance, does the IOC let in wildcards or returning champions like the World Championships do? If so, that would probably help out…




As much as we like to talk about the ‘rebirth of distance running’ these days it is really the sprints that are bringing Track back to the public eye.

Usain Bolt is a household name, and now he has competition from literally the best history has ever produced. Hard time to be #1, even WITH his insane talent level. Aka the 100 & 200 are stacked.

The 110mH also have the 3 fastest individuals ever, with this years gold going to a guy who wasn’t even mentioned (seriously) until the Semi final. Now he’s primed to compete with the three different 12.8 guys for an Olympic Medal, if not gold.

Also, the contrasting personalities of the mens sprints and hurdles comes through in interviews and pre race styles which makes for frankly great TV.

And for junkies like us, this is the redefining of an event. Couldn’t be better to watch, and our cheers will be mixed in with the average persons - albeit for slightly different reasons.


In regards to the “new” no false start rule, a quote from back in 2009.

This is why one shouldn’t tempt fate:

“For me, I have no problem. I never false started yet. It will be better for the sport. It will be a problem for some people, but not for me.”

Yup, a direct quote from Usain Bolt. Ouch.


Sprinting is probably causing the reemergence of track in field to the public. But I read somewhere that the two most popular events in track and field is the 100 and the mile so its not purely sprinting thats revitalizing the sport.


Wait… this isn’t teh doping thread, is it?


Blegh. I’d always hoped Bolt would be some sort of exception, but Blake’s performances pretty much erased any hope I still had that either of them were clean. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…