Time for a leader to take control here


Mighty Mouse and Yoshi, I implore ye to join me in a coalition triarchical leadership in LA!


Don’t join him. Join me instead, together… we can defeat the evil that is Doc Awesome.


who is this heathen posting in this forum!?

This is blasphempy I tell you!

away with your foolish expeditions to unfamiliar terrain


Doc Awesome may join the tetrarchy. What say ye, Yosh?


Doc Awesome means to destroy that of which he takes over! Watch me run and I are here to protect thee!!


Noooooo! Don’t join with Doc Awesome! He is the evil empire. Doing this will be a mistake…


Brah, I’m the Birdman, head/mod of this tetrarchy. Voice your concerns and I shall give them due pause.


Doc Awesome is attempting to take over the land of Illinois. I would not stand for it. Now he is making an evil empire and going to war against me. I have retaliated by starting a force of my own. Join my forces against this evil empire. He must be stopped!


We don’t need no education.


The threesome has spoken (I’ll speak for A Bling Guy since he is absent). We shall remain a triumvirate.


Great triumvirate, will you form an alliance with me against Doc Awesome?


Hm, what can you offer us?


I am neither for nor against his man. I am merely concerned with the solidarity of the Louisiana hierarchy.

But, if what you offer is pleasing to the Three, we shall consider your plea.


I offer you freedom. Doc Awesome may not be against you now, but he will surely come back in the future with a more aggressive approach. If we can successfully defeat him that means freedom for all of the states. Also, I will provide you with some delicious cookies.


I’m in.


If Boosie was a preacher I’d marry y’all.


I am a certified minister.


Lil Weezy Anna


My state