Thread for Rodents


**** cats.



I ****ing Love Squirrels



We have a mouse in my house. My roomate wants to kill it, i’m cool with the dude.

Unfortunately I found him dead in my bathroom the other day.



I regret opening this thread because those pictures are frightening me. I hate rodents. Obviously I hate groundhogs, and any similar rodent… but I just don’t like them in general. In Florida, my mom and I were having dinner outside at a restaurant, and a squirrel came right up next to us begging for food… I freaked out. I just don’t like them.


Love rodents. They’re clearly the best order around.

Here are some baby chinchillas:



Mix that Dr. Pepper with some fly bait and that guy wouldn’t last all of 10 seconds. The most lethal poison I’ve ever come across to kill rodents. It’s great.



Why you sick bastard






What’d you do with your roommate’s body?


Today I saw a raccoon that had to have been dead for at least 2 weeks, had half of its face eaten off and you could see its jawbones. You may now all lose your dinners.




Strong contribution.





Australian for mouse, mate!