Thread for Chubs


Do your worst.



Can we call it Thread for Chodes instead?


Works for me.


No, that might hurt the poor guys feelings. Besides, he already has his own thread under “Bambi.” Actually, considering I’m one of 3 or 4 people that consistently posts in Tennessee, I don’t think I deserve this kind of treatment.


Well, you do have a point there. Pretty funny that there are more views for the Chubs thread than there are for the boys cross country thread.

Maybe talk about Tennessee runners a little?


Kids these days seem to prefer training over posting on message boards. Damn shame.


Take this nonsense elsewhere, please.


training is stupid and I dont respect it



Just remembered that Track Talk still exists. Looks like things haven’t changed…


I don’t know. The boys thread has finally taken off a little.


BTW who is chubs and why is there a thread for him/her/it?


Chubs is apparently from Colorado. He squatted on the Bumbi thread and, in general, made himself a nuisance, so I made him his own thread. It seems to have run him off.


If anything I brought a little attention to the Tennessee region, which seems to have done it nothing but good. I’m perhaps the most proud person here to see Tennessee finally living up to its potential.


In other news, Bumbi is now on the world team


Great to hear that Bumbi is going to get to run. Anyone seen the schedule?


USA Track & Field - Television and Webcast - TV schedule

The Focused 2011 World Track And Field Championships Schedule - running schedule


On a scale of 1 to Gotama…that’s a Jack ass Alabama


How dare you disrespect chubs like this. Do you know what he’s capable of?


When I Become God, Chubs Will Be My Right Hand Man. And By That I Mean, He Will Jerk Me Off