Those songs of your childhood years that defined your generation


A friend sent me some 1950’s music and this little ditty was included.


This is a sendup on the Cold War. A period that was the background international political climate for the first 45 years of my life. I break with the learned ones and usually only refer to The Cold War as the post WWII thru Détente era.
Many of the issues of today were issues of my youth with many bound together under the headings of human rights, antiwar sentiments and environmental concerns. A lot of music revolved around those protest thoughts and feelings. From the Pete Seeger folks songs thru the Dylan mainstream The Smothers’ sociopolitical comedy music and any number of other branches of that same bush.

One of my favorite “Protest Songs”


I’m not sure what kinds of comments this will evoke(or if will even get a reply) so lets see how it evolves.


Just put together on a cassette tape (truck has a player)…

Be Boop Alula…Gene Vincent
Yakety Yak…The Coasters
Get a Job…The Silhoutes (as mentioned above)
Not Fade Away…Buddy Holly
Heartbreak Hotell…Elvis
Summertime Blues…Eddie Cochran
Western Movies…The Olympics
Johnny B.Goode…Chuck Berry
Good Golly Miss Molly…Little Richard
Bird Dog…Everly Brothers
Nite Owl…Tony Allen and The Champs
Angel Baby…Rosie and the Originals
Sea of Love…Phil Phillips
Bo Diddley…Bo Diddley
Dream Lover…Bobby Darin
Endless Sleep…Jody Reynolds
My True Love…Jack Scott
Maybe…The Chantels
Dedicated to the One I Love…The Shirelles
Fever…Little Willie John
Kansas City…Wilbert Harrison
Stay…Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
Sorry…Brenda Lee
Mockingbird…Inez Fox
Mother In Law…Ernie K.Doe
CC Rider…Chuck Willis

Sooooo many memories.

Gotta love…


I’d love to be a DJ, that would be my theme song. Yep, midnight til 4am. Play some oldies, them old blues and country.

I got a ton of that stuff.

Then there’s…

Rockabilly…Ersel Hickey, Carl Perkins etc
Folk…Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie etc
Rock…Hendrix, Stones etc
Pewar Blues…Blind Lemon Jefferson, Robert Johnson etc
Post War Blues…Muddy Waters, John Lee Hoker etc
R&B/Soul…Ortis Redding, James Brown etc
Country…Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams etc
Alternative…Damien Rice, Paul Weller etc

But…I always come back to those oldies. Just in the blood I guess. My music library is huge, rival a radio station.


That is a nice list if someone gave it to me and said you wrote this list last year I’d say I don’t remember writing it but it sounds like a list I would put together.

one of many one song each year tapes
Teen Age Prayer-Gloria Mann55
Out of Sight Out of Mind-Five Keys56
Little Bitty Pretty One- Thurston Harris57
For Your Precious Love-Impressions(J.Butler)58
The Big Hurt-Toni Fisher59
A Thousand Stars-Innocents(K.Young)60
Daddy’s Home- Limelights(J.Sheppard)*61
You’ll Lose A Good Thing -Barbara Lynn62
The Boy I’m Gonna to Marry-Darlene Love63
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’- Righteous Bros64
Do you Believe in Magic-Spoonful65
I’m Your Puppet- James&Bobby Purify66
and the Bakers Dozen
A Thousand Miles Away-The Heartbeats(J.Sheppard)*57

  • I believe these two songs must always be played back to back.


It’s the background vocals that really seperates them oldies from all other kinds of music. Great list!

A great example…



Sadly, I’m not sure my generation has many of these. There are a few that seem to have left a lasting impression, but I strain to think of impactful songs past the '90s.


Do a google search on John Valby. :rolleyes:


My musical tastes have not evolved to include hiphoprap and and the like so I was not sure if there was a thread running thru the music of the '90s/00s that reflected the mindset of the 90s/00s.
Todays mainstream balladeers are not much different than those who came before them in fact the whole popular music category is still recognizable even if you awoke from a 30 year sleep.


Not necessarily generation defining but an immediate list of what defined me:

1992 - Suburban Elementary Kids being down with hip hop

1996 - Middle School
[Read More]

2000 - 2002

2003 - Madison - Best days of my life

2010 - w/ my aviators on while on the prowl in my jeep… stop the car, roll down the window, roll down the window … “Which way to macarthur court?” :wink:


I was paying attention to music, for the first time, in the 80’s. So cheesy Retro music was in. I still love it today.

Modern English
New Order
Depech Mode
Tears for Fears
Duran Duran
A Flock of Seagulls

My high school years, I’d say the major movement was grunge music. I remember when Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and STP all hit the airwaves around the same time. Everyone was listening. I know I was…


Tiny bit of 50’s, mostly 60s

My Back Pages - Byrds
She Loves You - Beatles
Thirsty Boots - Eric Andersen
My Girl - Temptations
A Day in the Life - Beatles
Cryin’ in the Rain - Everly Brothers
Bad Moon Risin’ - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Who’ll Stop the Rain - Creedence
Paperback Writer - Beatles
In the Still of the Night - 5 Satins
Runaway - Del Shannon
Help Me Rhonda - Beach Boys
Do You Believe in Magic - Lovin’ Spoonful
I’m Into Something Good - Herman’s Hermits
Rhythm of the Rain - Cascades
Down by the River - Neil Young
Nowhere Man - Beatles
Every Day - Buddy Holly
Changes - Phil Ochs
Hush - Deep Purple
Summer Song - Chad and Jeremy
Up on the Roof - Drifters
Who Do You Love - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Dark Star - Grateful Dead
Careful with that Ax, Eugene - Pink Floyd
Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane


Today the joy I get out of music is mixing. Come up with a theme…

Ride the Blinds…train songs
Prison Songs (have a lot of tunes done by actual convicts, Lead Belly a great example)
Ice Picks n’ Razors…so many old blues/country tunes about violence.
Early Rockabilly
etc etc etc

…then picking what belongs. Hard to believe but I have around 3000 of these productions. There is a down side however and a very real problem…what to listen to? Sometimes it takes a good five minutes to…hmmmmm?

My first recollection of any music was my parents Hank Williams records. We are talking mid 50’s. Then here came those above mentioned oldies. But it was the music of the 60’s where I started really getting into who was who and the history of things. Wolfman Jack had a lot to do with that. He was playing stuff not heard on other stations, yep…R&B, soul and blues.

Don’t get me wrong not all lost in the past. Even if I do continue to go back there.

If you aren’t familiar with these artists, give them a shot.

Ray Lamontagne
Harry Manx
Johnny “Slim” Campbell
Kenny Wayne Sheperd
Kelly Joe Phelps
Amos Lee
Chris Thomas King
Chris Isaak
Damien Rice
Marc Broussard
Hans Thessnick

Amos Lee


Then there’s…

John Lomax worked for the Library of Congress, his job was to search out rural music. He’s the guy who discovered Muddy Waters while looking for the dead (obviously he didn’t know that) Robert Johnson.


So Lomax comes upon a Mississippi church in 1942…


This is considered a masterpiece by guys like myself.


we shall overcome
what the world needs now
turn turn turn
people get ready
universal soldier
a change is a commin’
i feel like i’m fixin’ to die
times are-a-changin’
blowin’ in the wind
everyday people
I am woman
you don’t own me


I have that exact same turn table. Just thought I would point that out.


Nothing sounds better if the record is clean and the needle is in great shape.