This Year's New Entrant to sub 45


This is just a prediction.

I was perusing the indoor yearly lists and saw a name I didn’t recognize so I checked him out.

Pavel Trenikhin (RUS)

Mainly this is just a statistical oddity thread (which I know won’t garner much interest but I’m relaxing today).

2010 … 46.00
2011 … 45.55
2012 … 45.00

How odd to have a person run both 46.00 and 45.00 as their bests???

So, he should be either 44.55 or 44.50 clearly this year :slight_smile:

He ran his 45.00 in the London heats so no reason to doubt that time. The 46 flat was in Russia (but why fake a 46.00 time anyway).

Amazingly his 45.00 came in him placing 3rd in his London heat. He was in Jonathon Borlee’s crazy 44.43 race which also saw Maslak set his NR.

He’s 5’ 11", was born in '86 and made the semis in '11 and '12 at the Worlds and Olympics and contributed 44.8 legs for Russia’s relay in both meets.

Here he is winning his 400 heat this year over Maslak in 46.09. He has run 46.30 this year as well.