This site is god awful


Whenever I click a topic it says Chrome has crashed and to refresh and stuff. Step it up Admin.



although, i don’t agree that this place is awful, i will say that i am experiencing similar difficulties with chrome on a regular basis





Firefox is **** bro. Chrome is 1000x faster


Happens on Safari for me.


You guys all have viri noobs.


funny story, but TT actually gave my comp a virus when i was using firefox… twice. first time, i wasn’t sure it was TT. second time, it was the only thing that i had open.


Internetexplorer does it also. It seems to happen most ofen when you hit submit post with a reply


freezes up and I have to hit resubmit sometimes on this site too. Usually, I just hit the refresh button and everything loads properly.


It’s because you touch yourself at night. If you stop doing that, it’ll work.


Same with Netscape


Okay seriously, do admins need to approve EVERY post I write with a link in it? They take forever on here.