Things to say when


meeting an Ex-Gf’s new boyfriend.

anyone got any gems?


why would you put yourself in that situation


“So has she told you yet?”
“Told me what?”
“Ah…I’ll let her tell you.”

Throws him for a loop if shes not around.

If she is around though, just say “she should be broken in. have fun man”


a sarcastic ‘have fun’. or give the ex a smirk and smother a laugh


How do my nuts taste?


Did she tell you about the time she was a man? Man did that throw me for a loop.




that’s not very funny


gahhh i was gonna say that


ya like dix?


I always ended up talking about how I will always be better than them. I was always drunk in those situations though. A few times I’ve tried to fight them.


I hope you like sloppy seconds. I don’t.


I went with “She’s your problem now.”


“Do you want a recomendation for what will get rid of the crabs?”


“To set the record straight, I am not the father.”


This is the way to go. Says everything without saying enough to get you in serious trouble.


So you only date girls who have never been in a relationship?


No I just fvcked my ex a lot.


And I’m sure you’re next gf will have already been ****ed a lot if she was ever in a serious relationship or just a whore. So I hope you like sloppy second, I don’t.


lil wayne gets it right here

go to 1:00 flat.