Theretical State Meet


Looking back at the Dyestat era which means Jorge and Ed Torres forward, if you put the 5 best runner from each year out on Detweiler 8 days from now. What would the top 10 finish be.

I posted mine on the XC thread, but what are yours??

  1. Lukas
  2. Derrick
  3. Withrow
  4. Torres
  5. Sage
  6. Jager
  7. Torres
  8. Havel
  9. McNamara
  10. Driggs
  11. Craven
  12. Thode
  13. Achtein
  14. Sulkin
  15. Micah
  16. Malachy
  17. Haut

Totally subjective taking into account their nationals races and the weather and course length changes.

Edit I actually can spell Theoretical, but perhaps you are wondering if I really meant Heretical and it was just a Freudian slip?


My Top Ten:

  1. Derrick
  2. Lukas
  3. Jager
  4. Torres
  5. Sage
  6. Withrow
  7. McNamara
  8. Driggs
  9. Achtein
  10. Havel

I like all of these guys a lot, so it’s really hard to pick one over the other because you always go back in forth in your head with their accomplishments and potential and all that. I think that Jager was pretty much on the verge of greatness in highschool almost to the point of Derrick or Lukas but not quite. Then you have McNamara, Sage, Torres, and Withrow who are all incredible and have some great accomplishments on the national level. There are no wrong answers.


In addition to Leftfielder’s list.
I always liked Jeremey Stevens for Winnebago with final results of 35,1,2,1


I think that everyone is forgetting the detmans. Their senior year the were top ten I think and they had a viral infection. If they were healthy I think that theres no doubt that they would have gone 1-2.

  1. Lukas
  2. Derrick
  3. Sage (people are underrating him, the only guy he lost to during senior cross was Ritz)
  4. Withrow
  5. Torres
  6. Jager
  7. Macnamara
  8. Havel
  9. Craven
  10. Achtein

EDIT: Pending this year

  1. derrick
  2. lukas
  3. withrow
  4. torres
  5. sage
  6. mac
  7. jager
  8. micah
  9. havel
  10. e. torres

  1. Lukas
  2. Derrick
  3. Sage
  4. Torres
  5. Withrow
  6. Jager
  7. Mac
  8. Havel
  9. Thode
  10. Micah

If it was scored as a team, who would get second?
NV (CD, Beattie, Pawola, Riddle, Mark Derrick)
NN (Pilja, Rae Brothers, Gibson)
Lockport (Sarotri, Haut)
Glenbard South (McTaggerts, I think they might win the family race), Geneva (Their 01 team and 08 teams)
Palatine (Finley, Smoody, Patel)


Using 3200 PR’s and Relative Detweiler times, I think

Off the top of my head, York has 8 guys with sub 9:14. Sage, Mac, DettX2, Sulkin, Achtein, Driggs and the red haired kid who went to Grinnell in the Dyestat era.

NV has CD, Chonka, Riddle, Pawola, and possibly MD and/or Soltys this year.


The other York guy was David Montgomery


Matt Withrow > all.

  1. Verzbicas
  2. Derrick
  3. Sage
  4. Torres
  5. Withrow
  6. Jager
  7. Havel
  8. Torres
  9. McNamara
  10. Thode


1 Craig Virgin
2 Chris Derrick
3 Lukas Verzbicas
4 Tom Graves
5 Donald Sage
6 Dave Walters
7 Jorge Torres
8 Evan Jager
9 Bill Fritz
10 Ron Cracker
11 jack Driggs
12 Tom Achtien
13 Kevin Havel
14 Dan Haut
15 Matt Withrow

I wanted to put Marius Bakken york 1996 in there as well but thought ill of it due to the fact that he was a transfer student from outside of America.
The reason I consider him is that the guy ran a triple at the state meet and went 1st in 8:57, 2nd in 1:51.9, and 1st in 4:09.1 the day after running 4:14 for his prelim mile and 1:54 for his prelim 800.


family race would be pretty close between the derricks, mctaggerts and popejoys. Watching the latter 2 families battle it out up close and personal was always entertaining. Definitely some great talent and crazy hair between those 4.