The Weather Sucks


I know I’m stating the obvious here, but ANOTHER one of our track meets was canceled for tomorrow. I know we got spoiled last year, but this reminds me of two years ago where so many of the early season meets were canceled due to rain and flooding.


Our home track meet at Appleton North was cancelled as well. It was the only home meet I had left to run on my home track which kind of stinks. I did get in a great 6x800 workout in today though. The weather isn’t as BAD as 2 years ago so I’m hoping to get in a nice 10 days of training in without racing before next Thursday.


I was really looking forward to this meet:

Section 2  Timed Finals
  1  Hirsh, Carl                   JR Brookfield C        4:20.00 
  2  Woodford, Brad                SR Waukesha Sou        4:25.00 
  3  Gagne, Dan                    SR Wauwatosa Ea        4:27.65 
  4  Paikowski, Vince              SR Waukesha Sou        4:30.00 
  5  Simons, Will                  SO Arrowhead           4:33.00 
  6  Runzheimer, Even              SR Kettle Morai        4:35.00 
  7  Browne, Stephen               JR Brookfield E        4:35.00 
  8  Kelly, Steve                  SO Arrowhead           4:35.00 
  9  Effinger, Robert              JR West Allis N        4:40.00 
 10  Schoper, David                SR Kettle Morai        4:40.00 
 11  Warras, Brian                 JR Waukesha Wes        4:45.00 
Section 3  Timed Finals
  1  Dusing, Andrew                JR Brookfield C        1:59.20 
  2  Daniels, Trenton              SR Brookfield E        2:00.00 
  3  DunDun, Ryan                  JR Brookfield E        2:00.00 
  4  Goldberg, Jacob               JR Shorewood           2:01.00 
  5  Haluska, Sam                  JR Kettle Morai        2:02.00 
  6  Hoppe, Nick                   SR Kettle Morai        2:02.00 
  7  Stahl, Charles                JR Shorewood           2:02.00 
  8  Uhrich, Steff                 SR Wauwatosa Ea        2:02.24 
  9  Benson, Tyler                 SO Waukesha Wes        2:03.00 
Event 106  Boys 3200 Meter Run
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Hirsh, Carl                   JR Brookfield C        9:25.00 
  2  sarna, josh                   SR Kettle Morai        9:40.00 
  3  Salmon, RJ                    SR Wauwatosa Ea        9:46.75 
  4  Dubnicka, Jake                SR Arrowhead           9:50.00 
  5  Bierman, Ben                  SO Arrowhead           9:50.00 
  6  Geisness, Lane                SR Waukesha Nor        9:52.00 
  7  Johnson, Brad                 SR Brookfield E       10:00.00 
  8  Clapper, Eric                 SR Kettle Morai       10:10.00 
  9  Meza, Angel                   SR Waukesha Sou       10:15.00 
 10  Davis, Dustin                 FR Waukesha Sou       10:15.00 
 11  Maas, Benjamin                JR Menomonee Fa       10:18.00 
 12  Kuhlmann, Sam                 SO Shorewood          10:19.00 
 13  Nelson, Dan                   FR West Allis N       10:25.00 
 14  Desorcy, Josh                 SO Hamilton           10:30.00 
 15  Treacy, Tom                   SR Shorewood          10:30.00 
 16  Nelson, Ben                   JR Waukesha Wes       10:30.00 
 17  Ristow, Clay                  SR Wauwatosa Ea       10:51.00 
 18  Tzortos, John                 JR Brookfield C       10:55.00 
 19  Miller, Clive                 JR West Allis N       11:15.00 
 20  Downs, Eric                   SO Hamilton           11:20.00 
 21  Nelson, Silas                 FR Nicolet            12:30.00 

Brad Johnson and Ben Bierman in a 3200. WOW.


Well on the bright side, a lot of the snow is gone. On the downside, a lot of snow is supposed to fall these next couple of days…


At least now the snow will melt fairly quickly…not like January or February when it could stay for a few weeks.


3-4" last night and twice that amount predicted. Looks like the outdoor season in the northern half of the state will be delayed until late April/May!


So Ostenso, Kromer, the River Falls guys and any other rising star from the North is out of luck the next few weeks! :frowning:


Not that it’s even probable to happen, but if enough meets are canceled/season is pushed back far enough… can they move the state meet to a different date?


I don’t think they can change the state meet unless something super drastic happens. One year I was at the state meet, we waited through a hail storm until like 11pm to resume. We could see our breath. Then the next day it was like normal and sunny. #wiscoFTW


Wasn’t there a tornado warning back in 08?


logistically there is no way they could ever move the state meet in a given year. i could be wrong but i am pretty sure most schools already start blocking out rooms to stay at for that weekend and the idea of moving that from one weekend to another on limited notice would be a huge pain in @$$


2001! I remember that meet. I was up there to watch an old teammate of mine run the 3200 at about 11 pm. During the delay, I remember going into some of the nearby dorms to watch the Bucks force a Game 7 by beating the Sixers. Crazy, crazy weather that year.

I don’t think there are any contingency plans in place for moving or delaying the State Meet. In talking to other coaches in recent years, it sounds like there isn’t even a plan of what to do if it pours/lightnings all day on Saturday (other than pray that it never happens), so I’m sure there’s no plan in place about pushing the meet back.


I don’t recall an actual tornado warning, the stadium was cleared out due to a thunderstorm passing through.


If I recall, there was a funnel cloud spotted near Barre Mills which is east of Grand Dads Bluff so about 4 miles east of the stadium.


So do you think that the level of competition at the state meet will be down from the average, without as many meet opportunities (obviously the weather and other variables exist). We have great talent in the state, but it’s hard to improve without racing.


Yeah real tough that coaches will have to actually coach their athletes and run workouts instead of racing athletes into shape. Rough life. Also, I don’t think state will be down at all especially with the talent pool this year.


What is the limit on number of indoor meets a school can hold?


I believe there is a 20 meet pre-tournament limit. I have never heard of a cap on indoor meets.


Okay, then it was probably an empty rumor I heard. Not to jinx it, but it seemed like we had a nice day today, and the snow on our track is melting off… but more is supposed to come this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems to be an awfully sarcastic and cynical post. I don’t know what your issues with coaches are but the vast majority of coaches coach because they love the sport, enjoy working with kids and want to help kids improve as athletes and as people. Many do it at a financial loss as volunteers. And many enjoy workouts more than the meets. “Rough life”?? Not at all, althougn occasionally, when someone makes snide comments online about our motivation and commitment, it can be frustrating.