The US is not the greatest country ever


So says Michael Kinsley. What say you?


i say duh


I didnt read it but thats pretty obvious. When you say countries I’d assume you mean nations like Rome and such right?


most of the nordic countries are currently kicking our ass as well


Of course it is. And if you say otherwise, you can get out, you dirty Commie.



Canada. Best country ever.


Define “greatest”
Sure we didn’t completely dominate the known world like Rome (although I would argue our military is relatively just as good) but there is far less inequality and the populace is far better off.

Conversely, we have more power than the Nordic countries but more inequality, but certainly not as much of a difference as there is between say US and Rome.


voted atlantis


Rome ain’t got ****.


Rome basically controlled the entire known world (at the time), so I’d give them the heads up.

But we’re still pretty fly.


A) The Mongol empire was just as vast, if not more so, than Rome.
B) This isn’t about comparing the US to other historical superpowers. It’s about the idea of American exceptionalism, the idea that we are currently the best country in the world, that we can do no wrong, and that all other countries should follow our example.


Mongolia circa 1297 > everybody else, ever

just in terms of land size.

Of course there was large scale civilian slaughter to accomplish this. But what empire is not without blood on its hands? Not ours.


If by a bunch of tribes agreeing to listen to one person, and you mean sheer land size, and by a successful empire you are OK with including one that lasted less than 200 years, then sure.


Check out Kristof’s recent NYTimes editorial…says he used to travel abroad studying banana republics (places where an inordinate amount of wealth accrued to the top 1% of the population). He says now he doesn’t have to travel anymore. We are a banana republic, under those terms.


British Empire was larger than the Mongolian Empire…


Source? That seems wrong…first of all, the Khans ruled a thousand years later. Second, at their peak, they took over most of China. Genghis’ army alone was at least 120,000 men.






I misread information so thats why I edited that out of my post…


I guess the original topic of the thread (USA) is a moot point then.


Define “greatest”.