The Ultimate Legend


So who would you consider the greatest legend in the history of the running? There are a huge number of runners, coaches, doctors, writers, etc. that have left their legacies before us.

I’m going to throw this one out there: while Pre may have been the face of running, Bill Bowerman was the force behind it. He did everything from training some of the greatest American runners to creating Nike to being credited for bring jogging to the U.S. If you want to read about one of the most essential influences in the American jogging/running phenonemon, read Bowerman and the Men of Oregon by Kenny Moore. An epic read if I do say so.


Achilles was a pretty legendary runner. B)

But seriously, tough question. I’ll think about it and probably not be able to come up with a good response outside of mythology.



The 4 minute mile will always be a benchmark, will always be elite, and he was the first. Nobody else can be the first.

Unless it’s like that one ex who always told everyone they were the first…


Roberto Quercetani hit on this in his Athletics-a History of T&F Athletics 1860-2000

A case for each of these- Thorpe, Nurmi Owens,Zatopek,Didrikson.Fanny Koen Blankers and Wilma Rudolph from the ‘pre-pro’ era and Lewis,Bubka- can be made I`m sure. The polls have not closed on the newer versions yet,save maybe Bolt- absent a Neutron Engine or Cheetah Blood being unearthed- his now stuff is of epic proportion and many see more ahead.

edit I have a copy let me see who RLQ highlighted from various eras.

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