The Twerp Starts her Junior Year




Awesome! We expect full story and proud papa embellishments!


Please link us to meet results, Thanks.


Link is below. Ran a 5:04/2:23 double. She ran a stupid race in the 1600 - still going out too fast the first lap when she knows she won’t have anyone with her in the second. No need to beat her up about it - she was pissed after the race. Her 2:23 doubling back from the 5:04 wasn’t bad. She’s cut 6 seconds off of her 800 PR this season. That sub-5:00 will come if she will SLOW DOWN that first lap.

Tomorrow night is the 3200 at the Shawnee Mission North Relays, my favorite meet outside of the state meet (yup, even better that KU Relays) and it will have the closest thing to competition she’s seen this this year at that distance. There’s a girl in it who ran a huge PR of 11:02 last week, 10 seconds off what the Twerp ran a few weeks back, but this girl has never beaten the Twerp. There’s also a good frosh who’s run about 11:10 but you get the sense there might be more there. Hopefully she’ll have some company for a while. She’s shoot for 10:40 to give her the best shot at the championship race at NBN. But honestly that’s a tall order without someone with you in the middle stages.

Results link from last week: St. Thomas Aquinas Invitational Results on KS MileSplit


Possibly the best race she’s ever run, and not just because of the time. Perfect execution and pacing. Negative split, running the first 1600 in 5:27 and the second 1600 in 5:19 (with a 2:35 final 800 despite the nimrod jumping in front of her). There’s still more there, and she knows it. This is the TV coverage of just the last 600-700 meters and her post-race interview.

Sarah TV Coverage Last 600m SM North 3200, Bump, and Post Race Interview


nice race look forward to seeing her on a bigger stage.


She’s pissed tonight - ran 5:00.90. That 0.90 is killing her. Followed that up with another PR at 800, 2:22. 10:46 3200 last week and 5:00/2:22 double tonight, all PRs, with the 3200 and 1600 being basically solo efforts led wire to wire. Chomping at the bit for Festival of Miles and NBN.


Frustrating when the other distances improve but one stalls.
Always tough to race the bare face of the clock.


We’ve been traveling and just got back to catch up. Sounds like she’s making some great improvements and is well on her way to achieving her goals!


If there were any doubts remaining that she’s ready to drop some huge bombs at 1600 and 3200, those were erased Friday night at our Regional meet. Regionals is our state qualifier. Top four go. For the favorites, that means they can phone it in, get fourth, and rest up for State next Friday-Saturday in Wichita. That’s what Sarah did in the 1600 and 3200.

However, because her 800 has been dropping (PR going in to Regionals was 2:22.41 about 45 minutes after running 5:00.90, down from the 2:25 PR she entered the season with) and the 800 will be her last event at State, she was entered in the 800 as well with the thought being she could pick up a few extra points in the 800 at State without a ton of pressure. Anything she could add was gravy because it was unexpected until recently that she would be in that position and her primary events would already be over at State. But that meant three races in the span of about 2.5-3 hours at Regionals. 1600 first, then the 800, with the 3200 last. Absolutely no threats in the 3200 and 1600.

But wait.

There’s more.

But first some important context.

Her confidence in the 800 wasn’t great as there were a number of girls right around her sat Regionals.
Also,her two teammates, Katie Moore (2:15.50 SB, 2:13.71 PR) and Hannah Robinson (2:16.38 SB/PR), also juniors, are the top two in the state. Going in to Regionals, Katie had a PR nine seconds faster and a SB seven second faster, with Hannah six seconds faster. The three have formed this “Terrific Trio” that just dominate the state from 400-3200 and in XC. Katie and Hannah are both more 400/800 oriented, but each has run a 1600 this spring with Katie running 5:13 and Hannah running 5:17. Katie is the returning 400 state champ (56.80) and Hannah has also 58.53 this spring. They get along pretty well off the track, but during track season, Katie and Hannah razz Sarah a little about not being as fast, etc.

However, Katie was entered in the 1600 at Regionals against her wishes because she can probably get top-3 or 4 at State. She was not happy about it and this led to some increased hazing.

That would prove to be a very bad decision.

With Sarah (1) able to phone in the 16 and 32 at Regionals, (2) the 800 being last at State, and (3) the increased hazing, Sarah decided to approach the 800 at Regionals like it was her State meet, and to silence the hazing. Without telling me or anyone else beforehand, she decided going in that she wasn’t going to just run to qualify in the 800.

She decided she was going to try to win it.

And she did.

With a nearly 5-second PR in 2:17.96.

350m in, she’s 5th but in the lead pack. Hannah is the one with glasses leading, Katie is the blond in 2nd/3rd.

100m later, she’s 3rd. L-R is Sarah, Katie, Hannah.

With 75m to go, she was not going to be denied.

To be fair, Hannah really was just running to qualify. Not so sure about Katie but she was doubling back from the 1600 for the very first time.

It’s safe to say that this has rattled the other two a bit and upset the balance of power somewhat. :sunglasses: Yes, Katie and Hannah are still faster, but Sarah just kicked down the door to their wheelhouse and joined them. Going in to State, Katie, Hannah and Sarah now have SBs of 2:15, 2:16 and 2:17, respectively and they are the three fastest in the state, all classes.

But what’s adding to the potential drama is that the 800 is their last open event at State. Sarah is the strongest of the three endurance-wise and has by far the most winter miles under her belt so she can probably hold up the best to multiple races over two days. On the flip side, she also has the longest races. The 1600 will probably take more out of Katie because it’s stretching her updistance more. However, she also has a better 1600 SB than when Hannah ran it. Hannah will be the most lightly raced of the three going in to the 800.

That all adds up to the distinct possibility that all three can legitimately think about winning the 800 at State, and including Sarah in that discussion was unimaginable until Friday evening.

I believe the State meet will be live-streamed again for free and when I get the info, I’ll post the link as well as the meet schedule.

The way she’s running right now, almost nothing would surprise me at Festival of Miles and NBNO if she stays healthy.