The real games in the Olympic Village will not be televised



Man it must suck to be a marathoner.


…annnnnnnnd Galen Rupp is miles away in his hyperbaric chamber.


Naturally, the black one is the biggest and the yellow is the just about the smallest.


I don’t know the Native American seems to be challenging him for title of the smallest.


Yeah that’s why I added the “just about” qualifier because it seemed pretty close.


I have read that many of the condoms taken on the last go-around were taken sort of as a joke/to reinforce the stereotype/to see what would happen if they actually ran out, etc. The debauchery seems to be often exaggerated for comedic effect.


I bet he cuddles with a hypoallergenic stuffed animal


the condoms that they sell over here off-base are truly smaller than american ones. It makes me laugh heartily.


That’s probably because Americans are more neurotic about penis size than Koreans.


i tried to put one on as a joke after everything was done, didnt come anywhere close to working.

EDIT: and talking with friends who have been with both americans and koreans, there is actually a noticeable difference.


One day Bill Clinton is sitting in the oval office. The phone rings. It is Saddam Husein. “Bill” Saddam says “My country is under deep economic sanctions, and we are running short of condoms. It is getting to be an emergency. Can you send over one million condoms?” Clinton says “I think it is important for us to make peace in some ways and this is a good start. I will have them sent”. Saddam says “Thanks Bill, By the way, can you make sure they are nine inches (225mm) long and three inches wide (75mm) because that is the common size in my country”. Clinton says “Sure”.
After he hangs up the phone, Bill Clinton picks up the phone and calls the president of Trojan. “This is Bill Clinton. I need a special order placed. I need one million condoms. I need them made nine inches long and three inches wide”. The president of Trojan says “sure”. Clinton continues “and I need the package to be stamped U.S.A. - Small”.


that was a good joke wineturtle i liked it. on the olympic funny business i wonder how many future champions bolt has created