The phrisbee ref bitching thread (all sports)


so we dont clutter up the other threads, can you focus all your rants in here phris?


Shut the fuck up. You know those were bullshit calls.

LeBron finally got called for the push off after doing it half a dozen times.


sometimes you have a point, but in general you embarrass the rest of us chicago fans with your constant whining. Every team gets bad calls against them, the other posters on here just take it as a matter of course and keep quiet. They dont treat it as a national travesty and conspiracy against their teams.


Well considering certain referees have had conspiracies against certain teams, I do not understand why everyone else doesn’t ■■■■■.


Best thread 2012.


One does not simply contain frisbee’s whining to one thread. Over the years, evan an entire board within the site has proven insufficient.



doesnt mean i cant try right?


voted 5/5


I can’t get one per sport at least?


you mainly focus on basketball and football, not much overlap there. Plus you spam enough, we dont need to give you more threads to corrupt.


Wow weak call on Noah.


Jo gets hacked, no call. Deng fouls LeBron outside the circle, LeBron gets to shoot anyway. Standard.


Bulls extend the lead back to double digits? Whistles magically appear.

Ball don’t lie though. Two missed free throws.


Ahahaha we just got the make up call for the post-shot offensive loose ball foul. Same call.


Really frustrating seeing John Lucas III drawing far more contact than Wade but not getting the same calls.


In the interest of fairness, that was probably off Korver.



Take it for what you will, but the Bulls are now 5-1 against the Heatles when the Heat don’t have a +9 or more FTA advantage.


Bump for tonight