The Official "Solinsky" Thread


26:59. Marathon Training w/5km specific speed work. 10km debut. Quite impressive.

Does anyone else notice a similiarity between Ritz’ 12:56 and Solinsky’s 26:59? Solinsky basically followed ritz footsteps and improved upon it. Kudos.


According to the boards at Letsrun, Solinsky is not Rupp-certified.

What a badass.


Erugh. If only we had a frontpage and some Track Talk Contributors down there to cover the event. >_> My brother lives in Cali, we could have stayed with him then carpooled down to the meet. :stuck_out_tongue:
Perhaps next year.


Man that was a fun race to watch. I love when the Flotrack guys just start going crazy during a race. Basically the polar opposite of ESPN’s track coverage.