The Official Official Thread


There were so many “Official” threads, I thought this was the logical conclusion for that title.

Post in which sports you are an official.

I’ve been a certified track and field official since 1989.
I’m also on the chain gang at our high school’s varsity football games.


you’re old as ****


I’ve worked the timing systems in track meets for six or seven years now, but I’m not a certified official.


I’m a soccer official and I do mid to higher level amateur adult league games and high school games during the fall. I’m working towards getting the right connections to do college games since I live within 5 miles of about 10 or so schools and college games pay out 150-180 per game.


My friends tell me that I’m a certifiable douchebag, which is official enough for me.


I know in ihsa official :slight_smile: