The Official "Doing Good Things To Improve My Life Outside Of Running" Thread


I just got a job today.
7.50 an hour washing dishes at a pizza place. I’m pretty ok with this.


I thought you said improve your life, not make it a living hell.


I would take this right now. I’m in desperate need of a job and it’s literally impossible to find work in my town. I’ve taken out an emergency loan from my school.
As of now I’m starting to put on the “over drive” in school. My xc season just ended and I’ve slacked off long enough. There’s about a month left in this semester so I figure I can give it all I got now.


when u say things like this that most people would be embarrassed to admit… i have to think some of your crazy stories are true.


I got a job today that is 12-15 hours a day for no pay. And the commute is over an hour each way. Ayo.


That’s not a job.


Was that really the highest paying job you could find? We get paid more for work study at my school and those jobs are a joke.


the two are mutually inclusive in most areas.

probably a good idea.

they are true. all of them. every last one.

… are you a slave wtf.

this is louisiana. we are poor.


Is this an internship or something? Do you at least get college credit?


Jobs suck.


You’ve got the right attitude. You’ll do well in the real world when your time comes. More than I can say for 1 or 2 other posters on this thread. They had better marry money or they’ll be living under a bridge somewhere by the time they turn 25.


Wait. Life outside of running?


Just imagine, with this money you can get lots of sweet new running gear (since its like $50 a day)!




I would really love to get a life outside of running and start doing some schoolwork, but the problem is tracktalk… I read so many threads, then I decide to do my homework but somebody posts something new, so I have to read it. Its a vicious cycle


I make $8.50 an hour making pizzas while getting close to/if not 40 hours a week. I’ve been fired twice for being stumbling drunk on the job. I’m just holding out until I win the lottery I’ve never played.


Yeah okay it’s not really a job.

Bingo. I go to culinary school and am doing an internship at an upscale contemporary restaurant in Boston.