The NJ Post-Graduate Thread


we gotta stop putting this stuff in the college thread

Kimarra McDonald, who started out at Gwynned Mercy and graduated from Rancocas Valley and then won a couple Championship of Americas with Sarah Bowman & Tennessee, PR’d at 2:02.20 yesterday at the Music City Distance Festival in Nashville

Kimarra finished behind Neisha Bernard-Thomas (2:01.21)

I also see Sharif Webb with a 1:47.56 in the same meet, so apparently he wasn’t too despondent about losing his state meet all-groups record to A.J. Chavez

[This was the same meet Anthony Wightman ran 3:58.59, which I think is a US masters record.]


[B][FONT=Times-Bold][SIZE=2][FONT=Times-Bold][SIZE=2][LEFT]Are these PRs for Culley and Higginson?

Section 2[/LEFT]
[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Times-Roman][SIZE=1][FONT=Times-Roman][SIZE=1][LEFT]1 Muncan, Marina NEW BALANCE 4:11.31
2 Infeld, Maggie NYAC 4:11.32
3 DiCrescenzo, Delilah PUMA 4:11.70
4 Maloy, Elizabeth NEW BALANCE 4:11.73
5 Culley, Julie ASICS/NYAC 4:12.61[/LEFT]
6 Higginson, Ashley SAUCONY 4:12.80


It’s my understanding that Higginson has PB’d in every track meet she has run this indoor and outdoor season. Not every event, every race that she has run this year has been a PB. that’s kind of wild.