The next Cordell tinch, Davis Wenthe G-E-T, plus Colin Schultz is the 4th ranked sophmore in the nation


There is only one Cordell tinch But G-E-T has an interesting sophmore: Davis Wenth. So far he has run 50.7 and 23.3 early outdoors in the 400 and 200. He has also run early outdoors 15.2 for the high hurdles. As a freshman he ran 41 flat in the intermediate hurdles so expect at least 39 flat as a sophmore. Oh by the way he does field events too and has high jumped 6’2 already (6’4 and made state as a freshman) long jumped over 20 feet and triple jumped over 40 feet as a freshman. Oh by the way he pole vaulted 9 feet as a freshman too. Clearly this kid is a great athlete who has just been experimenting with the sport but expect a very fast 300 meter hurdle or 400 meter open (whichever he specializes in) by the end of this season as he looks ready to do something interesting this season as a sophomore as I wouldn’t be shocked if this type of athlete finds a way to run 48 flat in the 400 or 38 flat in the hurdles this year even though he is young and scattered in efforts. He did run 15.4 as a freshman in the high hurdles so if he can get down to 14.7 as a sophmore that is likely very competitive in the highs in class b. Heck of a young athlete and of course plays football and basketball too but don’t know if he is good or not although he made at least one game winning play for his football team as a sophmore. No not Cordell tinch but probably a hurdler to keep an eye on in class b. Although Davis made state as a freshman the sophmore that really made a leap this year is Collin Schultz who went from 6’1 as a freshman to 6’9 already outdoors as a sophmore for lakeside Lutheran becoming one of the best sophomores in the country and the top high jumper so far in the state as only a sophomore. I am uncertain what division lakeside Lutheran is in. Given he basically went from 6’1 last year to 6’4 indoors to 6’9 outdoors it’s difficult to believe the authenticity of the jump but if it’s correct he is clearly improving quickly and could approach 7 feet by the end of his sophmore year. According to milesplit he is the 4th best sophmore in the nation with that 6’9 jump and he is clearly just starting outdoors so I hope it’s accurate


The sports illustrated front cover curse as Davis wenthe gets some love and then backs it up with a 400 meters in 57.8 in a showdown against Marky wiesen from nekoosa who broke 50 again (49.8). Don’t worry davis wenthe when I highlighted the Muskego sprint crew the next race they ran poorly so I have no doubt you will bounce back the curse is a short lived one. If he got hurt in this race (he has run 50.6 already this outdoor season) I apologize for joking about the time as an athlete doing every field event, every hurdle event and every sprint 100-400 is obviously more prone to injury especially a sophmore


New year same story except one year older and stronger. Leads the state in the 400 and 300 hurdles but also is a quality high jumper, high hurdler, sprinter and long jumper: oh and this year he is only a junior


The leader in the state in the 400 isn’t running the 400. Wenthe will go for it in the 300 hurdles, 4x100, high jump and the high hurdles. Hard to do everything your good at when your good at so many things