The Men Who Made America


I’m enjoying watching the series again…wish we had someone with the forethought to put together a series like this when I was in school. Sure would’ve made history more relative and interesting!

We learned about the men, but not their relationships and drive feeding from each other. Some very ruthless and brilliant men!

Anyone else like the series?


I caught an episode and it was enjoyable. Goes along with my America was built by assholes belief. Of course I am probably the last to realize this.


that you are mistaken, but you must also realize that all nations were built by assholes. It takes those special attributes to take the risks necessary to move society from its norm. Unfortunately, some suffer while others prosper.

The task for any society is how to balance the suffering vs. prospering.


This is potentially the end-all of humanity and something I have always struggled to relate to.


this has gone on since humans organized into clans…


I think we are all idiots, but I’ve also been sober for a week.


I enjoyed the series.

Some phrase like luck is when preparation meets opportunity seems to fit.

Really smart dudes taking advantage of opportunities and knowing when to stomp on some throats along the way.