The Legend's Lounge Official Roll Call


@OrvilleAtkins @wineturtle @geds -

Users who have obtained a significant level of trust during our past travels can post in the .

There are several methods to get to the main listing of the :

Method 1: Click on the direct link to the Legend’s Lounge

Method 2: From the homepage click through the two drop down menus. Select Special from Drop Down #1 and then Legend’s Lounge from Drop Down #2. See the recreated navigation menu example below:

   -- OR --

Method 3:

From the home page, click on the word . On the next page find and click on it. The Category - Sub-Category listing screen should look like this:

A topic listing of the looks like this:


wineturtle finally gets it right :astonished:


I’m sorta figuring things out…gotta remember, some of us old farts are more technologically challenged than the young whippersnappers posting elsewhere!

By the way - what does the “editor” badge mean/do?