The Journey of a DIII Jumper


This is really interesting to read.


LJ technique 6 step approaches
Auriga 15 reps
Barefoot Circuit 1

Thursdays in the early fall will always be light as they’re our only true down day. Auriga was a medicine ball circuit building general strength, and Gemini is a series of barefooted squats and calf raises.

For technique today, I came in with the thought of focusing on where the penultimate foot (2nd to last step) lands. We want it to land directly underneath us. Then we would like to push down and forward onto our jump leg, so that our mass is lowered heading into takeoff. This allows big amplitudes of movement to happen in our jump, and the swing leg comes through late, making sure we get displacement off of the board.

However, Brenden today was not running tall in the approach. Without running tall with your hips up, it’s extremely hard to get your foot underneath you. Ever seen a crazy heel striker distance runner land with his foot right underneath him? Thought not. So anyways, his focus today reverted back to having a solid run and pushing vertically coming into the jump. Thankfully I was able to get a ton of quality reps in where I got my penultimate foot under my center of mass.

Sunday I’ll try to outline in a more broad sense what the long jump technical model is for us.


12x35m Hill
6x6 Stiffness Jumps
Snatch from floor 6x4x60% 120 lbs
Half Jump Squats 5x8x25% 75lbs (Brenden 4x8 Trap Bar Deadlifts with 205lbs)
OHBT 5x5

Really nothing special today. The sprints felt more solid than usual, though I can say I’m excited to get past 35-40 meters in the next training month. Tomorrow we have more extensive tempo, and then Monday and Tuesday we do testing.


9x120m @ 18-18.5 sec with 3’ rest.
Bodybuilding B
Barefoot Circuit 2

The tempo felt really awesome today. It should be no shock to me that as the intervals get shorter, even though they’re theoretically faster they’re much easier. Doing twice the amount of 120’s was much easier personally than doing 5 200’s. Testing Monday, hoping to rest up tonight and tomorrow to be ready for some new PR’s.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about long jump mechanics a little more. Have a good weekend everyone.


when do you actually start competing? Also WRT shorter intervals being easier, i have noticed that everyone is a bit different with that (although admittedly that is more on the distance side than the sprint side).


First meet is December 7th, not sure what my plan is for that meet events-wise. But our first meet starting 2nd semester is January 18th.


So today was the first of the two days of testing. The 5 tests we do are Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, 30m Dash, Overhead Back Throw, and Between Legs Forward Throw. Day 1 (Monday) is always Standing Long, Standing Triple, and Overhead Back. Day 2 (Tuesday) is 30m Dash and Between Legs Forward. At certain points in the year we will max out with Squat, Clean and Bench too.

There are many reasons we test.

  1. Every 4th week of training is a “rest” week. Since adaptations happen in a 21-28 day cycle, every 4th week is a deload in volume to freshen up. To be sure we don’t lose much during the deload, we like to keep the intensity high, and testing is by far the best way to do that.

  2. It gives an indication of how training is going. If PR’s are coming, or you’re consistently close, it means you’re continuing to improve. Most importantly is shows that you’re not overtraining.

  3. Since our first meet isn’t until December (January for most schools), it allows an opportunity to break up the monotony and also get into a competitive environment.

  4. Predict performances. I use this term loosely. Essentially, when you have a large enough data set, you can start to see that a certain level of performance almost always correlates to certain testing numbers. I don’t quite have that data set yet, but I’ve emailed a few coaches who do, and I’m pleased to know I’m on track. Obviously certain testing numbers don’t guarantee a certain performance, but they indicate that you should be capable, and if those performances aren’t coming, it means something else is missing.

  5. Identify balance. There are generally acceptable levels to each test, and if somebody isn’t maxing out at a certain bodyweight percentage, or not running the 30 fast enough, it just means you know more what to work on.

Today I had PR’s in all 3 events. I jumped 10’2.25" in SLJ, 30’3" in STJ, and threw 44’1.75" in OHBT. Previous bests were 9’11.75", 30’2", and 41’8.5". Brenden also had small PR’s in both jumps, and a 4 foot PR in OHBT to get 9’6", 28’4", and 38’11".

Overall it was a good day. PR’s are always welcome, and I just feel good about the future. I’ll have news on tomorrow’s testing for you guys.


Today was less exciting. Just the 30m and Between Leg Forward Throw

To time the 30, I film each of our runs and then put it into a program called Kinovea. It uses frames to measure time, so it give a pretty good estimate usually within .02 seconds. We start the clock when the first foot hits the ground to make sure we start at the same time each run. This will make it faster than normal, but all we care about is that we can measure against ourselves in past testing not necessarily others. Brenden ran 3.79 (previous best 3.85) and I ran 3.90 (Best from last month 3.88). BLFT was good for me as I tied my PR at 41’1" and Brenden had a 2 foot PR with 37’0"


I love the pentathlon testing.

A buddy of mine is a 167’ discus thrower. He posted these marks in one day a couple of years ago:
30m: 3.94
SLJ: 11’4"
STJ: 33’6"

Can’t find his multithrow marks, but he was a decent at the WT as well as discus, so you can imagine they were fairly stout.

Walter Davis (58’2"/27’6"):
30m: 3.79
OHB: 58’11"
BLF: 55’9"
STJ: 35’4"
SLJ: 11’9"


Throwers often test better than sprinters and jumpers, which very few people expect. I wish more people understood that throwers need to be ATHLETES, not fat strong guys. The Illinois state record holders in shot and disc (both coincidentally from my high school) could two hand dunk a 16 lb shot.

Walter Davis was inhuman. I legitimately cannot fathom any of those numbers.

Also, I added in how we measure our 30’s, just to make sure you don’t think that my 44 foot training partner is as fast as Walter Davis. Realistically adding about .3 would get the full 30 time for us, but then it would be harder to judge when to start the stopwatch on Kinovea.


Pretty sure Davis holds the WR for the test. I know he was ~10 pts higher than Hardee. I’d like to see what kind of numbers Eaton would post.


I would wager that Hardy is above Eaton, actually


So yesterday was a day off during rest weeks to keep volume low, what we do is instead of change volume within a workout, just change volume by total days of work. So it goes from 6 to 4, we’ll have Wednesday and Saturday off.

LJ Technique 8 step approaches
GS 1 Scramble Circuit 20/40
Bodybuilding A 2x10
Barefoot 1

For long jump today, we moved it from 6 steps to 8. The reason is now to challenge our comfort by adding more speed. Our next session we’ll go back to 6 and hopefully it will feel in slow motion, that’s the goal.

The focus was on landing the penultimate foot underneath our center of mass. The reason we do this is so that when we push down and forward off of the penultimate foot, we keep our momentum going forward, and our hips never pop back up. If your hips rise in the space between your penultimate step and takeoff, you lose your forward momentum and ability to actively push off of the board. It went very well today, I felt good with more speed behind me, and I feel confident in my long jump at this point.

Talk to you guys tomorrow


10x20m Block Starts
Saturn x2
Snatch 5x5x50% (100 lbs)
Full Jump Squat 4x5x25% (75 lbs)
Incline Bench 3x8x70% (135 lbs)
Pullups 3x8
OHT 4x4

We filmed all of our accelerations so it was really good to be able to have a big amount of film to dissect our running. I worked some kinks out with keeping my shoulders too tight, and things wound up pretty good. Brenden looked awesome in our Saturn bounding, things are getting exciting for him.

Saturday was off, and today we start our maximum velocity and maximum strength portions of the training program. I’ll write after the workout tonight.


3x20m, 3x30m, 3x40m out of blocks
Uranus x2
Snatch from floor 6x5x50% (100 lbs me, 90 lbs brenden)
Squat 4x6x80% (250 lbs me, 160 lbs brenden)
Incline Bench 4x6x80% (155 lbs)
Weighted Pullups 4x6 (45 lbs)
Hercules x5

I can’t remember if I explained the periodization for lifting, so if I didn’t let me know and I’ll talk about it.

If you’ll notice the total volume for accelerations is reduced now because the weight room is much more taxing. Uranus and Hercules are both on Boo’s training inventory that I linked earlier if you’re confused. Uranus is multi-jumps, Hercules multi-throws.

Uranus was really high quality today for both of us. Brenden’s triple jump PR heading into this year is 43’10 and at the beginning of the year I was hoping that he would be able to get to 45. He’s finally starting to perform the multi-jumps like a 45 footer would, and it’s very encouraging to me. I also am doing the multi-jumps at a higher level than either of the past two years so that’s exciting. A snapshot of it is the RRLL and LLRR from Uranus. Last year I’d be jumping 45, maybe 47 on a great day for that. And today I got past 50 3 times, so things feel great.

Want to know what doesn’t feel great? Heavy squats after having not done them since July. And going from 75 lb jump squats to 250 lbs on your back for a set of 6 is just so different. Mostly supporting the weight was different. I imagine that as this month goes on handling the weight will get easier. I was able to do the squats just fine, it just felt heavier than normal.

The reason I go to a month of maximum strength work (any lifts with reps between 2-6 and between 80-100%) is to make sure that I don’t lose touch with it as the year goes on. Because out of the 5 biomotor abilities of speed, strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility, if you let any of them get too low, the others suffer as a result. So after this 4 week block, I’ll be done with heavy lifts for the year, but the 4 week stretch is still very important. The goal is to just be able to get one rep up at the end of the 4 weeks with about 90% of my old maximum. If I can, then my strength levels are at a fine level.


Long Jump 8 steps
Leo 30/30
Bootes 40/20
Barefoot 1

Long jump today was from 8 steps out (4 rights). Brenden and I both worked on grounding our penultimate foot under our body. Things felt really comfortable from 8 steps which is good at this point in the year. I made a ton of progress in stabilizing that cue under higher speed, and next week when we long jump, I’ll be progressing to pushing off of the penultimate down and forward into the takeoff foot.

If you guys want, I can post a video of long jump practice, or any other part. Feel free to ask, I would have no problem putting up video of our stuff.

You might think to yourself, “Joey, if you did heavy squats today, aren’t you too sore to long jump?” GREAT QUESTION! In fact, it’s part of the plan. The reason is, it forces us to use different parts of our coordination and muscles to engage in jumping, which leads to better learning in the long haul. And surprisingly, despite supreme soreness, it went well and I didn’t notice the soreness during the jumping.

Leo was bodyweight general strength, Bootes was a med ball circuit, and the 30/30 and 40/20 is work/rest. The 40/20 was to make the med ball circuit really tough.

As always thanks to those who read


Approach Runs x9
Hang Cleans 5x4x70% (Me-170 lbs, Brenden 140 lbs)
OHT 3x5

Today was the first time of the year that we did approaches. There is a way that we assemble a new one at the start of each year because it will rarely stay the same as hopefully you are getting faster. To get a new approach, we start at the board and do 4-5 runbacks. We then average those 5 runbacks and the average is the distance you start your approach at. So after the runbacks today we did 4 approaches running at the board. There was no technical focus today, just getting the distance settled and getting in the groove.

You’ll notice the hang cleans today instead of cleans from the floor. The reason is that hang cleans are more specific to maximum velocity, so during the max velocity phase of sprinting during the year, we put in hang cleans to get matching themes. Lastly was the overhead throw to stay with the theme of maximum velocity which is not as much depth to the movement but vertical force.

The reason that today was such low volume is because of both the high volumes and intensities present in the high days on Monday and Friday. Today was still a high day in nature, but by not crushing ourselves today it allows us to be a little fresher for the Tues/Thurs technique work, and to not get us overtrained from super hard days Monday and Friday. During the fall too it’s also nice to have a day dedicated to focusing heavily on approaches.


Triple Jump 6 step approaches
Cancer 20/20
Auriga 10 reps each
Barefoot 1
Gemini 2x10

Cancer Auriga and Gemini are all on Boo’s inventory. Planks, med ball, and barefoot stuff.

Triple jump today. The focus today was on the location of the takeoff foot in the first phase. We want to place it as close to under us as possible, as it sets up the ability to push off of the board outward instead of upward while also preserving speed. I had a really bad problem last year of putting my takeoff foot way far in front of me. It led to some bad fouls and also to losing a ton of speed at takeoff. Today went really well though. I’ll link some film from the Coach’s Eye app


I feel bad, there is a pattern of me sucking at posting on the weekends. Anyways…

Uranus x20m
Clean from floor 6x4x83% (200 lbs me, 165 Brenden)
Half Jump Squat 5x8x25% (75 lbs, Brenden did Deadlifts 4x8x200 lbs)
Speed Half Incline bench 5x8x25% (50 lbs, Brenden dumbell Bench with 55 pounders)
Orion x4

Uranus is extended bounds, so each exercise in the series was done over a distance of 20m. Orion is med ball throws. I took videos of the lifting Friday so I hope to find a way to put that up tonight.

The sprints on this day as you’ll see exceeded 40 meters, meaning it was the first time we did true maximum velocity work on the track. This will continue over the next 2 months, and this is the time of year where we truly try to increase our speed.

Edit: here’s the video



2x200m @30s, 2x150m @21.9s, 3x120m @17.5s ; 4 minutes rest in between each rep.
Bodybuilding B 2x10
Barefoot 2

This was our first intensive tempo day of the year, as the intensities of the runs were all at 80%. Again, it is unreal that there are distance athletes than can break 4 minutes in a mile, that is all.