The Insomniac Thread


A place for those who cannot sleep to post their thoughts and any other random crap that comes into your mind.

I am currently thinking about how chubs is a hypocritical dick because he thinks I need to stop harassing him on tracktalk and yet he has negative repped the absolute s*** out of me for every post of mine he possibly can. I have -96 rep after only 2 (active) days on track talk and it is only from chubs. It bothers me greatly…

But on a lighter note, I’m reading a book on the life of Pre and it’s really really great.


Well, I guess we can all disregard this thread since I was unaware a similar one was already in existence. Thankfully, reee was enough of a gentlemen to point it out so very… kindly to me. My apologies to anybody else for any confusion.


How am I hypocritical? Me not liking you is hardly hypocritical. You posted two goats ****ing in my region, of course I’m going to neg rep the **** out of you.


Neg-repping me for “harassing” you… yet you’re following me on most of my posts… tolling, as some people call it…


Um, he’s “tolling” you because you quite clearly stated that you are the leader of the rebellion against him. Common sense for him to hate you.


Hating me is rational. Trolling me is not. Those are two veeeeery different things…