The "I Support Father Russia!" Thread


Served while hot, as anticipated.

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Hey Ray Ray,

Suck a d*ck.


Hey Ray Ray,

Did you take that “Be a part of something big for once.” from somewhere? Sounds so familiar.


Not that I’m aware of. I’ll do some research though.


If you support Father Russia then you never ventured to the main section of the forum (H.S. Gen, H.S. elite etc) back in Dyestat.


i support his 1:32:57 half-marathon effort on May 30th, 2010…

To benefit Kids at Risk Programs throughout the City of Boston
May 30, 2010 Half Marathon (USATF Certified #MA06002RN) Boston, Mass.
Timing By: Granite State Race Services Send corrections to
Place Div /Tot Div Nettime Pace Guntime Name Age Sex Race# City/state
===== ========= ===== ======= ===== ======= =================
101 39/532 M1929 1:32:50 7:05 1:32:51 Ethan Manning 26 M 3321 Hampton NH
102 1/21 M0118 1:32:53 7:06 1:32:57 Patrick Whelan 18 M 5614 Old Lyme CT
103 4/967 F3039 1:32:55 7:06 1:33:00 Tara Paulin 32 F 4171 Beverly MA


That’s actually a pretty good half performance for him, if I remember correctly. Glad to see that he’s reaping benefits from his training.


lol. not really. he ran a 16:30 5k. that does not equate to 7+ min pace for a half. who knows how much effort he was putting in to it, but i would hope not very much.


he ran a 16:30? i remember him having a hard time breaking 5 in the mile. hmm


This is how I remembered him too, not a 16:30 guy, although a 5:00 supposedly equates to anywhere from 1:19 to 1:23, and he’s a more long distance guy as I remember, so I guess not a great performance.


Ok I don’t like Father Russia but don’t hate on times.


I wasn’t hating on his times. I thought his half marathon was a good race. I guess it wasn’t but we can’t pretend to know why; maybe he was injured. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.


I see no hating on times in this thread.


this thread is better than yours.

i know this because i have never opened your thread and have seen it many times. and i have seen this thread once and it sparked my interests.

father russia wasn’t a bad apple. he just got pwnd once by the best in the pwn’n biz and he couldn’t handle the pressure and quit.


everything about this post is QFE


So my thread is good?

Does this make me still the second worst poster on TT?


why aren’t you the worst? wasnt that always your aspiration?


I haerd maturity was the worst…:frowning: :frowning:

but ill make it there…someday.

Ill get to that pie in the sky!


One of my friends linked me to this. I was disappointed there were only like 7 responses.

  1. It is creepy as **** that you guys found my HM race. No I was not trying, one of my friends wanted to run it so I went to keep them company. 7 minute pace is an easy day when I feel good, not a race.

  2. You probably remember me sucking because my mile PR as a senior during indoor track was 5:16. I ended up running a 4:46 outdoor track that year, and a 16:39.8 (I could hardly be less of a 16:30 guy) during indoor track in college. (Choked on dick outdoors, dont look for the times…) Believe it or not when I started running more than 25 mpw I got a little bit better.

Just setting the record straight on that ****.

Good day.