The Great Gatsby the video game




this is ****ing incredible


it has a twist!


well now, this is quite the game old sport.


Can’t get it to work after you meet Gatsby for the first time…dammit!


Did the flashing green light just abduct The Great Gatsby? HOLY ****.


qfe, anyone else have this problem?


This. Is. Awesome. Makes me want to reread the book.


Whoever came up with this game is (Doc) Awesome. It really does make me wanna reread the books. I just beat the set of eyes on the 2nd level. I’ll continue the adventure tomorrow


Anyone else have a “Busty Russians” advertisement in this thread?


post 2397. Its not just this thread


Just emailed this to my lit teacher. Extra credit feels good


what do you do once you meet gatsby, it says ‘good job old sport!’ but there is no continue button

edit: shift seems to do the trick


beat the game. A bit disappointed there are only 4 levels. Cool stuff though.


My lit teacher just shook my hand today and thanked me for completing his life with this game.