The Dyestat Declaration


I am drafting it as we speak, it will underline our wish to stay separate from ESPN RISE, our claim as the true successors of dyestat will be stated, and ill throw in some nationalist rhetoric stating we will defend our statements with unprecedented zeal or something like that.

I now need signatories. PM me if you want to sign, and ill add your name to it

I plan on Posting this on ESPN RISE, Sending it to ESPN via E-Mail and letter, and doing the same for the RISE admins


Pretty sure the Chinese will veto the UN Security Council vote for the Declaration, but by all means go for it.


I figure There will be one signatory from each TT region, two or three from the PG, and at large signatories

I will appeal for prominent region posters to sign


An ideal situation would require passage of a running/general knowledge literacy test to obtain posting privileges.


I owe you two negs, didn’t mean to hurt your dots. Sorry.


Got a majority of support from most regions, waiting to hear back from other posters

This will be glorious


Oh yes, all those running discussion on the playground will serve us well.


I put forth a bill which would henceforth publicly proclaim ESPN Rise forums to be a subsidiary of the more established Track Talk. All territories and posters of said ESPN forums would become property of Track Talk and further interaction with rebels would be discouraged. Thus, under Track Talk’s new reign of freedom the terrible risk of younger runners and field competitors finding their love for their respective events diminished at the hands of scoundrels such as the nomads of ESPN, would furthermore be eliminated and put away forthright.

Gentlemen, I implore you, to see the reason behind this declaration of supremacy, for if we are to proclaim ourselves as the rightful heir and successor to the Dyestat Community, then we must make that clear to the impostors that we now have control over their land and women!


As the self proclaimed duke of New York, I approve

You got yourself a goddamn deal


ill be sure to PM you my draft


No need for a pissing match. Dyestat is gone over fini. We are TT>NET
Steve and the gang still produce quality stuff but to me that’s like reading an article in the paper— informatio—. if I want to discuss it I do it here.

Let’s not lower ourselves to petty remarks and throwing insults Spend you time growing this site-

Trust me I was behind the doors I know Steve and the Dye crew fought hard, Ben fought hard to make our voice heard but in the end the higher ups at rise magazine had their vision of what they wanted their HS Athlete site to look like and be. In Ben’s exit report he still promoted vBoard and paying attention to what the track community was saying.
Families and friendships are torn apart by war- let’s be the peaceful gang- I lost a good friend over this ****- Steve feels I deserted him . He has a job it is his job to promote his company. He fought hard to keep the Dye community going as before-- but at some point if you want to keep the paycheck you stop pissing the boss off. When he came on this board and said we belonged on rise I disagreed publicly and privately. This is my internet home I choose where my loyalty lies.
No need to send messages make petitions-- let them be.
Spend that time and energy building this site. Be the bigger person, be the better person there is no war and no need to start one.
Plus no one says you can not read the reports and articles actually no one says don’t post there. I post on Let’sRun and T&F News both are great sites I just picked this place to be my home. I tried posting there but no one was home so I moved on.
Tom Hyland


Tom “wineturtle” Hyland, you missed your calling! You would have made a good diplomat/peace maker!

You should definitely be TT King Emeritus from now 'til eternity!:slight_smile:


ESPN Rise is full of poop heads.


I’m still in denial about this not being dyestat so whatever…

x_x x_x :cool: :cool:




I will follow you through the mists of Avalon.


Dec is done, will post it at 6 CT tonight


Thanks to the many who commented on my post.


I tried to dance around a formal declaration of war