The Challenge: Rivals Thread


Good first episode so far.

I love trashy reality TV.

Adam R is such a joke.


I hope I’m not the only one that loves crap shows like this one.

If I am, I will still talk to myself in here.

How big of a twat does one have to be to not be able to make a [drunk] guy more than stagger after punching them with all of your weight?

Leroy gets Mike, who is as athletic as phrisbee, so he’s screwed.

Paula should be going home tonight. We’ll see.


Robin and Aneesa going home! :eek:


I like the Real World, Millionaire Matchmaker, and I guess that’s about it. I used to like Laguna Beach. It was one of the darker days in my life when that series went off the air.


I won’t admit what I watch (basically everything); it’s a bit embarrassing.

I essentially watch trashy reality TV, high brow premium channel dramas and foreign flicks.


I hate Adam more than anyone in this world. He is way too dumb to even be on The Real World, which is almost impossible.


Laguna Beach, The OC, and One Tree Hill were my main shows in high school. Stephen Colletti and Adam Brody are two of my favorite people.


My favorite part about him is that he’s from Maine.

He essentially was the dealer for his HS friends, but he claimed to be the drug kingpin of Maine before he was sent to juvee.

How hard can Maine be? I imagine a few guys on this board could run that state.


All way too classy for my taste.


Yeah, we used to get together on Mondays and Thursdays at this girl’s house for dinner and Laguna/The OC.


He was also a college runner. I’m not sure if I read that here or on Letsrun.

I watch that stuff by myself. No girls with me to make it seem like I was forced into it.


I’m watching the replay right now. Apparently Adam pushes down a girl? Hahahahaha.


The best part is his punch.

The guy staggers a little from a punch that Adam got all of his weight behind.


I just saw that. Hilarious.



Why not the gay porn star?


Finally watched the first episode. It did not disappoint.


The episode last night was pretty boring. A few things…

-people actually train for this? Hahahaha. I’m glad I actually went to college and will be getting a really job. I wonder if these guys can get anything close to a good job once the tv stuff is all said and done.
-that little black girl was cracking me up. She kept yelling about how she was from Houston. Is that supposed to mean something? Last time I checked, the Houston people weren’t known for being “hard”. Then she broke a mirror. Just sounds like a normal case of PMS to me.
-there are no legitimately attractive girls on this show. Yeah, some are okay. But most are ugly and annoying.


I will post some thoughts later today.

It’d be nice to get a power ranking going.


I assume this was a serious thread.

Tonight’s show was pretty boring as well. But…
-I love mike
-I miss Camila, she is a babe.
-My new love is Laurel
-Wes’s cockiness is very entertaining.
-CT is hilarious.