The Badger Men??


What is going on with the Badger men. 11th at their meet today. Hope that is just a blip but it seems to becoming a trend that is disturbing. It looked like the they were missing one of their top two guys but still 11th.


Malachy S apparently dropped out. But yeah I think we need to pick up a certain W & M coach.


Even if Malachy would have stuck in there to have a mediocre race, the badgers would have easily been within the top 6. Olin seemed to have a awkward race by going out too slow and trying to make up for it in the second mile which took too much out of him. No clue what happened with Zack Snider. I assumed he would be right with Olin if not better. Not gonna lie, today worried me as a whole with the lack of depth. Looking on the positive side, Morgan McDonald is looking real good running with the top in the country. Top 7 at nationals for him?




Recruiting on Mens side has been good. Women dont have a history of competing at a high level as a team so it’s hard to draw the top girls. That’s a tough cycle to break. Almost all runners have injuries at some point, but if we can’t keep enough decent runners in the program, we won’t have any margin (which we are seeing on the Men’s and Women’s teams).


I hate get on that bandwagon as Mick has done so well for so long that you can’t throw that away. He obviously knows his stuff but the rash of injuries and negative progress of some guys is troubling to say the least. However you can not control the lives of your runners and that may be the problem.


It has just been a concerning trend over the past year. Hopefully it was just an off day or maybe people are still recovering from being sick from a couple of weeks back when they didn’t compete at Notre Dame. Great race for McDonald though!


I guess I’m just used to years and years of the Smith/Schumacher era where they were always contenders for a national title and the Big Ten championship was a forgone conclusion. Something has clearly shifted in the culture. Time for a change.


Not sure if everyone heard yet but Seth Hirsch from Nebraska committed to Wisconsin last night!


that’s great he should be even better at 10k. he is the only elite cross country runner that Finn was faster in the 1600 so another true distance guy although probably more so another guy like finn who didn’t do enough speed work in track vs being soo slow


That’s huge…another nationally ranked guy like Hacker. Those are the kind of recruits that will get the program back to a consistent high level.


3 elite recruits will help a ton right away. Lots of spots in the top 7 will be up for grabs when they arrive. Anyone know if Carl is OK? Still injured?