The Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread


You know what I love? Having 80 million appreciation threads.


Can this be the Chubs appreciation thread instead? If you say no then **** you.


I appreciate chubs’s appreciation threads, however I do not appreciate chubs so I would not support the aforementioned request. But yeah! Gotta love them excessive appreciation threads, they really make the world a happier place.


Alright… I mean if you insist. Not a whole lot of people appreciate me. And spifficus honestly get off of my thread.


Well I’m here to show my appreciation to you Chubs. Just remember at the end of the day it’s always the stogs fault.


The Stogs is really the worst person on this site.


I appreciate Chubs as well. Us Naperville posters must unite!


tell everyone something they dont know


The Stogs has crabs


wow! i didnt even know that


Yeah well I can basically tell all of the posters on here that have crabs. Its a special talent of mine.


who else has em?


I’ve decided you are behind every evil in this world because I can’t defeat you in a poke war. I’m not giving up but I’m growing tired of it. Damn you stogs, damn you.


i mean, i am german


WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! I don’t sense the love from Picc!!!


Well obviously therunner12, FC, and CTsnapple have 'em. But then of course there are the people who have them but don’t want to admit it to themselves or think its just from being around too many cats, like ERferg and kail3y.


I appreciate Chubs, if only because his name implies he’s fat. Makes me less self conscious.


One day I’ll lose the poundage. For now I have a date with a twinkie.




It’s been a rough day.