TFA Live


Heat Sheets For WTFA Indoor State Championships! You can get the heat sheats and actually watch the tfa on milesplit tomorrow on the attached link above. You can all look for yourself but the few things I noticed were Rowan ellenburg is running the 1600 and 800. I mentioned in my halftime relay preview that Bradford has the potential to run a fast 4x800 if they moved Ethan King up (he is one of the favorites in the open 400 meters this year). Well Ethan is running the open 800 in the second fastest heat so excited to see how he does although he is doubling 400 and 800 which may be brutal. Not sure I see anyone who can compete with Rowan in either race if anyone disagrees let me know. Kisting is in the 800 not the mile, if kisting can throw down a big time they can put together a 4x800 also


I just noticed it’s not a free stream rather it’s fairly expensive to sign up to watch. If it was a true state meet I would maybe do it, but not to watch tfa although I’m sure it will be exciting for those of you who are attending the actual meet. I guess I will be watching the live results instead during the final 4 game while pretending to be on a dinner date lol


Girls 1600 looks to be the race of the meet. Quality, depth, unpredictability and a D1 vs. D2 vibe are all there.



I wish theyd make an exception and let all three of the Onalaska triplets in the 1600. That said I find myself rooting for Sami Stieve and Leah Kralovetz


5:00 for Martensen. Girls D3 record is 4:51. Could she make a run at it???


It went out as a pack for a couple laps. Then Martensen went with Kralovetz and Weston in tow with a gap back to Kora Malacek leading the chase group. It stayed that way for quite awhile with Weston dropping off being the only change. Kralovetz took the lead in lap 7 and had a slight lead at the bell. Martensen then blitzed the last lap and had a ton left at the finish. 4:51 could definitely be in play.


This Milwaukee king girls squad is really awesome they almost just broke the 4x200 record without their top girl running that event.


Kayci martenson 5:20 seed time also helped make that race fun. We knew she blasted a great mile in 8th grade and showed some stuff in cross but she was a bit of a silent assasin coming into this race. If more schools were here she may not have made the fast heat even.


Which of the three B-SM-S schools is Martenson from?

  • Benton
  • Scales Mound (IL)
  • Shullsburg

Just wondering if we have another candidate for state champion that resides outside of the state of Wisconsin.


She ran for Southwestern during CC so whichever school is co-oped with them. I believe it is Benton.


She is from Wisconsin she represented Wisconsin in summer running in 8th grade which is geography vs school


DSHA’s Jadin O’Brien simply ran away from D1 defending outdoor state champion Destiny Huven in the 55H.


I wonder what Rowen will put up tonight. He is a returning 4:12/9:17 guy with a 1:55 to his name indoors. He could very well go 4:14/1:54 but what if he does something even better while the top talent is out west running in California? If he put up 4:12-4:13 Bosley ought to be worried.


Andrew Stone throws 67-11.5, and Kimberly has four guys over 51!!!


Kimberly is awesome in the weights. The mile at least on paper looks a bit disappointing only because of the crazy good year we have been having. I still think Rowan is the only guy in the state who can beat bosley in the mile other than bosley beating himself. Rowan is a sit and kicker not a time trial guy. The field was disappointing but how disappointed can you be when Dyer, Ferron and wellenstein could be sub 4:20 guys and not even medal at state outdoors. I guess Dyer and Ferron ran a bit better last year but the path to state can take many forms. The slinger sophmore continues to impress with a nice 1600 pr. Ethan king won the 400 meters in 51 flat (potter didn’t run?). Will be very interested to see how king doubles in the 800. Excluding ellenburg there are just as many good potentials runners in the second fastest heat as there are in the fast heat but Rowan is the class of this meet and should assure the fast heat is truly fast.


Anyone know anything about the hope school? They have 2 really fine sprinters I haven’t heard of this school either


Bradford is officially a contender in the 4x800. Ethan king second in the second fastest heat in the 800 (2:01.5) just missing the win by .2 to a runner from Sheboygan who ran 1:56 flat at sectionals last year. Not a bad 800 off a double and as far as I know his first 800 later. Both him and the Sheboygan runner can run sub 1:55 this year. Bradford had another runner in the same heat run 2:02 and has a very nice miler and other potential candidates. Great first 800 for King after winning the 400 an hour earlier. He will only get better if he sticks with it


Rowan dropped out of the 800? 1:58 by Janesville runner (levenson) is solid and he is a threat to win it this year depending on what bosley and ellenburg ultimately run. I guess I’m more impressed by maxwell Radcliffe 1:59 and Brooke Lopez 2 flat since they were underclassman. Without Rowan the 800 was very good but not great. Tyler kisting ran 2:02 which is good but shows his speed may not be as good as his strength or he just has had a tough time navigating a competitive 800 for the first time as it’s a physical race indoors. Ex bosley and ellenburg both of whom may run the 1600/3200 the 800 is wide open this year I hope Ethan king tries the race a few more times. I know he can win the 400 meters but he may be better at the 800 than the 400. I did watch the replay of the 800. Maxwell Radcliffe led for 750 meters and then was outkicked/he tied up but he did make the race a sub 2 opportunity for the stronger levenson out of Janesville. Simays from slinger in the second slowest heat ran 2:01 flat and if he was in the fast heat looked like a sub 1:59 candidate. He ran a dominating race that was hard to do in a solo effort.


Amari brown (king) and Elijah Johnson (washington) the women’s and men’s winners in the 55 meters will likely win the 100 and 200 and potentially even I the 400 for women and men respectively. Speed out of the city conference is good to see and these are both national elites.


Rowan splits were 62, 2:06, 3:14 he was all alone and it was basically a time trial the entire race. He looked fresh but did scratch from the 800 later. Cade Ferron finishing second was his first positive sign as a senior after running a great TFA last year. Hopefully he will use this as a spring board to run a 4:13 outdoors. He really won the competite portion of the race as it was a Rowan time trial and a race behind him.