Terrywuzhere's Journey in College Athletic Recruiting


I’m starting this thread not as to brag or to bring attention to myself but to I guess get information and opinions from people who have been in my position before.

I just got off my second ever phone call with a college track coach. It was about on par on stressfulness as my first one, which is to say I have a lot of nervous energy right now. My first call was maybe seven to ten minutes but this one was a half hour. This one was a lot more conversational and relaxed but I’m just super wound up after this one because I really wanted to make a good impression. I didn’t screw it up so much she crossed me off her list but I just keep replaying parts in my head over and picking it apart. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and realize grand scheme of things it was a good conversation, but I just dislike having to do what felt like a job interview completely ad lib.


Just think of it as dating…it really is a courting process. The coach wants to see what potential you have, but more importantly whether you will fit it with the personality of their team and with the coach’s coaching style. You need to decide whether you feel comfortable with the coach’s style and with the personalities of the team. When the feeling is right, you will know it…just like dating.

So try to relax and enjoy the process. Best of luck! :wink:


From my perspective, those would not be comforting words.

It occurs to me that, reciprocally, one could view dating as a recruiting process. That seems perverse.


to describe it?..True courting is exactly what I described. Looking for a a one night hook up is entirely different…