Teach me Mexican


Subbing Spanish tomorrow. Give me some sweet phrases (and their translations) to toss at the youth of America tomorrow (8th grade)


chupa mi pina


You did not give the translation, lucky for you I was captain of a soccer team full of angry illegals who hated white people, so I know what that means.


“Taco” it’s mexican for food.

Be Tee Dubs:
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¿Es el bano ocupado?


¿Habla inglés?


Callite, whero- quiet, white boy

Chicle en basura- throw away your gum

No debes tomar alcohol o drugas porque necesitas cada cerebrum que tienes.- Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs because you need every brain cell you have.

As a former Spanish teacher, these were fun phrases to use.


callense - everybody, shut up

¿Puedes regar mi césped? - a proper greeting to a mexicanlolzracism.


Start speaking in Rioplatense Spanish just to mess with them (although if they’re in 8th grade they might not notice). A good “vos” every now and then does a world of good.


I Believe This Should Be My Thread.
Raise Your Hand If You Are Mexican?
Only Me?
Oh Hai!


Solid suggestions. I can’t wait to butcher the pronunciations.


Senor Beavis, donde esta’ tu hall pass?

Por favor, pasen sus papeles al frente de la clase.