Talent Show Skit Ideas


My work has a talent show ($1,000 for first place FTW) and need solid ideas for something to do.

Also, IBDog****ingJoke


Show them how you also can have sex with horse and goats.




You know what? I suggest taking that show to Mexico. You’ll make more.


They pay is Pesos, and it’s like $1,000,000 in Pesos to buy a Subway Sandwich


If you are like me you could show your freak flexibility. If not then I can’t help you.


You’re getting money for doing the things you love. What more could you want?


Sing “Chicken Train” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.


Trendmill + sub 4 minute mile. That’s talent right?


Do a marathon and walk the entire thing. Everyone will think of you being a better, more healthy individual for being able to endure such torment.


Dress up as Mark Twain and do a monologue pretending you are talking/arguing politics/current events with Disco Gary. You’ll have them rolling in the asile.




show everyone your rep