Survey Help!: on transition from High School to College running


Hey guys,

I was hoping that you could fill out this very brief survey I am doing for research.

We’re looking at reasons for successful vs. unsuccessful athletic transition from HS to college. We all have stores (mine being one!) of athletes who ran well in HS then didn’t meet expectations in college, or were relatively unknown but then took off in college. This is just a brief survey looking to figure out how/why that occurs in relation to training and racing.

It only takes 5 minutes. Only requirement is that you competed for a team in both HS and College.

All names and info will be kept anonymous.

PLEASE pass along to any runners you know who were approximately at the state qualifier level or better coming out of HS.

Thanks so much. I appreciate the help.



Steve, good to see you on here even for data gathering.

Hope all is well.


Thanks king, going well! Just getting the team rolling down here at Houston.

I check in every once in a while. Lots of good discussion. Especially the drug thread ha!


It seems as though you’re only interested in distance runners. Would you want data from sprinters as well?


I assume Mags is doing this for recruiting purposes of distance runners. He doesn’t coach or recruit sprinters as far as I know.


So, what did the data tell you?


I’d also like to see what the results look like when you get the data back, if you’re willing to share. I think this work could be very insightful for future programs and development of athletes.