Super Smash Bros Poll


Which is the best?


It’ll always be 64 for me. I spent hours beating up that floating glove. I was too impatient to learn how to dominate with Ness or Captain Falcon, so I always just went with Mario. Or if I was trying to piss my friends off, I would choose Jigglypuff and follow them around putting them to sleep.


The original is my favorite to play, but objectively, Melee is the best for me. The original is great if people play by a set of gentlemen’s rules, but it’s too easy to have one ass who edge guards, throws/ragdolls you, or some other dickhead maneuver and it just makes the game totally one sided.


Put those ****ers to sleep with Jigglypuff!


Uh… so… that kinda is what you do when you get good at the game. You learn to do this “ragdoll” thing. It is called a combo. Combos exist in all fighting games. They are what good players do. Edge guarding is also kinda a big deal… Melee allows for both of those things, just so happens the frame timings are harder. So, it is a higher skill game. If you get mad at the friend who is good at the game, get better.


it’s a stupid game


Project M.


Not to toot my own horn, but I consider myself to be pretty good at Smash. And not just, ‘I beat up on my childhood friends back in the day’ good. I mean ‘we played literally hundreds of matches a week’ good. Combos are one thing, but the thing I hate about original is that you can rack someone up to 50% and then just grab and throw them off the stage and then edge guard. It takes all the fun out of the game, and it takes no skill. It’s the basis of why I ventured away from online multiplayer games in the first place. Too many people are focused on winning in the easiest way possible rather than becoming better players.


64, Fox all the ****ing way.

Edit: Or Pikachu. Pikachu was my go-to when I knew I was playing someone who was bad enough that I would get to run around them using Thunder for 35 minutes until they die or get mad and quit.


Down + B spam for the win


For me it’ll always be Melee. It came with my GameCube when I bought it and I must’ve logged an ungodly number of hours on it with friends and by myself. I’ll never forget the day I beat Gigabowser with Link, that was a childhood highlight! With link I would always abuse his down A stab and his spinning sword attack, my friends hated it because I would always beat them.


So you just dont like brawler games. Fair


Was expecting this to be which character was the best, as the answer is obviously N64. I freely qdmit my amateur status but link was my go to.


Are you me?


Played all 3 heavily. Favorite is brawl. Diddy-kong and Lucas are da best. Throw someone off the edge, dive off edge with them, down + A to slam them so far down they can’t get back up. Can kill someone with 0% damage on them with the diddy-meister.


Our school has a senior lunge with a gamecube and only one game, so I guess melee has to be my favorite. My go-to characters are pikachu and captain falcon. When I want to dick around I have fun using donkey kong and pichu.