Sup Texas?




OH HAI!!!?!

It’s hot as hell here right now




can’t wait to be in Austin.


I’m in Austin now, I leave the day after tomorrow. I LOVE Austin, but dude it’s way too freaking hot here right now.


i really don’t mind the heat as much as most people. i was born in hawaii (unintentionally.) maybe that has something to do with it.


**** UT.


I laughed out loud when I read this, you were born unintentionally in Hawaii hahaha. Good luck man, UT is a great school I love it. I ran with one of the guys on the team yesterday, an old dyestatter actually, BRD.

Awee looks like we have an angry Aggie in the room :rolleyes:

Look how active the Texas board is!!!


haha, well it’s true. my parents and family stayed on vacation longer than they planned on, so yeah, that happened. haha.


Haha, nah just adding fuel to the rivalry. It’s going to be a hell of a race at conference/regionals this year.


wtf, I got flamed in the Michigan boards for making Ohio State jokes. That board sucks. Wusssssup Tejas? I miss you already, been gone for like 3 days now




oh michigan. what a joke of a state.




Hey there, it’s actually a pretty nice state. And as much as I love Texas,
MI > TX from June-August HANDS DOWN. Detroit, however, is a complete ****hole.

Hows the running going Chad?


Running is going alright at the moment, just putting in the 100 mile weeks. Maybe I’ll be able to make it a whole season this year without crashing and burning.

How about you?


I wouldn’t be caught dead in MI, but I’m from Ohio, so i guess that’s just how it works. Detroit even makes Cleveland look nice.


I’ll probably be at 100 next summer, we’ll see. Best of luck man, are y’all going to the Oklahoma St. Cowboy Jamboree this season? Just found out we are. Training is going well, I should hit about 80 this week, which is super high for me. But its much more manageable in the weather and this relaxed lifestyle I’m living right now. Pretty much do nothing all day until school starts. I’ve met my new coach, he seems legit. He gets back into town in a week and I guess I’ll learn lots about him.

Hahaha ohhh ok that makes sense, yeah I’m not the biggest fan of Ohio. Well I guess I don’t really share the same hatred in the rivalry that you do since I’ve only been in MI for a year. I know I hate Cleveland because I took a train ride to New York and we stopped in Cleveland and at 6 in the morning some large large black man came and sat next to me even though there were plenty of empty seats and he smelled very strongly like smoke. He looked like Biggie Smalls. I’ve never been to Toledo but I think I might like that city because a lot of my favorite bands stop by there on a tour at a club in Toledo. Speaking of Michigan, watching Orange County Choppers right now and they’re building a bike for UofM for the childrens hospital. They’re making it a wolverine bike. Random.


haha, oh trust me I hate Cleveland too. My brother has a house in Cleveland Heights and I’m 100% sure I could not live there after spending a weekend there. Same thing happened to me and my friend while taking the rapids to a concert in downtown Cleveland, a group of 3 black guys all sat down in the seats in front of us. We were the only people on the rapid.

On the subject of Toledo I can say this, it’s better than Cleveland, but it’s still Ohio. There are few major cities in Ohio that are enjoyable to stay in.


I’m finally doing doubles so the 100 MPW isn’t too bad. Nah, we are going to New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Chile Pepper. Our Conference meet is at OK State so I’m not sure why we aren’t going to the Jamboree. Yeah, I’ve been in College Station the whole summer, I’ve been taking classes but nothing very hard so it’s nice to only have to concentrate on running. The weather is killing me though, it still amazes me that I never get used to it. He’s the coach from W&M right? He seems like he knows what he’s doing.