Summer Job ideas for future college freshman runner


Well, I am graduating high school now and have never had a job before. What type of part-time job can I apply for that would allow me to still be able to run morning and night in order to still be able to train for college? What type of job did you runners have during the summers while still being able to run twice a day? I’m not worried about the pay or anything. I’m just going to be getting the money from my paychecks and putting it into the bank for college. I was thinking that maybe something like a Starbucks or Panera Bread would be good? Thanks for any help


People have trained twice per day whilst doing all sorts of jobs. You just need to be disciplined. That said, if you can, avoid jobs where you’ll spend a lot of time standing.

A couple months down the road, when you get to school, get a cush work-study job where you basically get paid to do your homework for 10 hrs/wk or something. Why would I want to work during the school year, you ask. The answer is: so you have a foot in the door for 40 hrs/wk of sitting down and doing basically jack sh*t in an air-conditioned building for next summer.


See if you can get a job as a courier for a local law firm. You don’t usually have to be in until ~9 a.m. and are generally out by 5 p.m. Runners have been doing doubles with that work schedule for as long as people have been doing doubles. Depending on your local business climate you can work anywhere from 20-40 hrs/wk. The hourly wage tends to be good for your experience level (none) and you collect $x/mile you have to drive during the work day. It’s good down the road as well because attorneys tend to have a lot of business contacts they set you up with for future work opportunities.


Lifeguarding is always pretty good, and doesn’t require you to be on your feet all day.

Working at a running store isn’t bad either if you can get the job.


get a unionized job. Sure their dues rob you, but you get more time on mandated breaks than you do actually working.


I work 6 AM to 4:30 PM, 4 or 5 days per week, on my feet and I do doubles. You can do anything you want to do.



That’s what I have done the past three summers and it was great. I usually didn’t have to work until 10am, and then I usually finished up by 6pm (although some nights not until 9pm). Then I’d work one day on the weekend too. Whatever day you have off would be your long run.

It was great because you get used to the heat, you do have to be careful though to do your hard workouts in the morning, because chances are you will not feel like doing much other than some moderate miles in the PM after sitting out in the sun all day. You also have to be sure to monitor your fluids/electrolytes intake carefully.

And you also have a great place to cross-train for free…

It’s probably too late now though, since you have to take courses most of the time and pool are already opening this weekend.


run dogs. its easy mileage, and you can charge a bunch. my coach does it and gets about $30 for a 20 min jog.


Being a bike courier is a great way to cross train.


here’s an idea… quit being a puss and just do what other responsible people do, work 9.5 hours a day and run as much as you need to, then do the extras… its quite simple actually… last summer i worked (and still work) in a mental health hospital, its a job where you never get a chance to sit down and you’re always walking around being alert (you get mentally exhausted) and every now and then you have to take someone down or you get attacked or something… and i still got all my runs in plus extra biking, lifting, and abs… just don’t spend your remaining time playing video games and you’ll be fine
P.S. i still had more than ample time to play my video games :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have the luxury of being able to pick a job with what suits your training the best then you are in a better position than most Americans, myself included


I’m going to assume you’re trolling and proceed accordingly


no, working in a mental health hospital is pretty dangerous… we’ve seen patients create weapons out of what little they’re given and we frequently (every other day or so) have to take someone down because they’re either endangering us, another patient, or themselves


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I considered being a Pedicab driver in SB this summer, but that would mean biking 12 miles into town, towing a trailer full of fat people around on my bike for God knows how many hours in the sun, and then biking 12 miles back (uphill), and then trying to get in some mileage on foot. I would do it, but I think it would be rough with taking summer classes, and, er, it sounds hard…


I worked 5 summers at home depot moving concrete, lumber, and bags of dirt and mulch while training 12-15 hours a week.

Get the sand out, prioritize.


Although the pay sucks, if you don’t mind it, working for a fast food restaurant is quite easy to do while training.

I’m able to put in 30 hrs a week working and run 100 + mpw with no problem, been working at burger king for 3 years now. The typical day consists of a shakeout run at 9:30am, work 12-5, then my main run in the evening. The job is quite easy and doesn’t really take much of a toll at all on your legs, even being on your feet the whole time.


Groundscrew at a golf course. Sure you work at 6 am most of the time, but usually you’re out of work by 2 or so.