Do we have the talent to get one or more below 9 minutes for 3200m this year? What about two miles?


I think the talent is there… but it takes the perfect combination to run that perfect race. The competition, the race strategy, the weather, the health. Can’t wait to see though!


The only two that I could see doing it are Meister and Sandvold


So no Michael Christianson who had the second fastest time in the state last year? Dude ran a 9:16, even paced throughout, solo.


You have to understand I’m from Illinois so I have no knowledge other than what Dyestat gives me. I’m trying to look from an objective point of view, and to me, Sandvold’s 4:12 speed, and Meister’s 4:13/1:52 lead me to believe that they have more upside at a greater distance such as the 3200, not to mention they were both closer in time to Christianson.

Also, Christianson being in D2 hurts him because his competition will definitely not be as stiff


I definitely think Christianson is capable of a sub 9:10 this year but I think he’s had a few setbacks. Not that John Vodacek is BAD–he is clearly very good–but him beating Christianson was kind of a surprise. What’s the latest on Christianson? Did he have solid training over the winter?


I’m guessing since last year he peaked very early and never got much better (the mile at WTFA), maybe their trying a new approach in his training where he punched in the miles and is now working on speed…who knows


Is there any truth to this?


he had a good winter of training, and there maybe some tweeks in the training, but as far as losing that race, he is still recovering from a bad sinus infection that he had during indoors


Christianson ran 9:26 at the K of C meet at UW-L on Saturday.


I think Russ Sandvold is sub-9 material after watching him put Chandler Diffee away in the last 200m on Friday night. He bettered Alex Grill’s meet record. Brill went on to race 9:02 at the state meet and had he raced in the off-season I believe he would have broken 9 too.


In the regular season I highly doubt we will see a sub 9. At conference I don’t know how hard these guys(Sandvold, Diffee, Christianson) are willing to run or if hey will even do the 3200, and at regionals/sectionals they will just run to get through. At state i’m guessing we will see a more tactical race again since nobody really has a huge gap over anyone(I don’t see anyone going for it from the gun). However, should Sandvold run at New Balance/Gala I could see him approaching 9:00, but I still don’t think it will happen. My opinion.


I agree with CCwiz. Sanvold will be in the midst of tripling at State (as would Meister, Hirsch, likely Diffee, and anyone else we have fantasies of running under 9:00 at State); there is no way anyone would crank from the gun. Instead, it will be a tactical race–albeit a fast, tactical race. Who would be willing to pound 67s at State–potentially all alone?

I see a 9:05-9:10 winner, although hot weather would blow that prediction up. The exciting thing to me is the NUMBER of potential “low times” that I could see happening. Lots of talent for the 3200 this year.


We need a post season 2-mile other than the distance gala for these guys. If we put hirsch, sandvold, diffee, meister, mccoy, christianson, selner, mckenna, hanson, lewin, woodford and barry in a twilight meet with rabbits, one of those kids would break 9 minutes.


an addition to the wisco mile…maybe?


Fixed. There will be no Midwest Distance Gala this year.


Why? What do you know? I checked out their website recently and saw no updates which I thought was strange as we are about a month away. I might strongly consider a 2 mile then and a 800 for the ladies. I might also consider moving the Wisco Mile back a few days then as well.



More entry $$ for the wisco mile coach! Why not?


The 5th annual Wisco Mile will take place on Wednesday, June 6. The format for this year’s event will be very similar to the past 4 years with a few additions / improvements. You can access all information at or you can check us out at wiscomile on Facebook.

Originally, I put this event together to give a group of 5 runners one more opportunity to run the mile after the WIAA State Meet. That original group include Geoff Horton, Steve Markson and Kevin Sullivan of Whitefish Bay, Keith Schueller of Germantown and Ben Garbe of Wisconsin Lutheran. From that original mile of 5 runners, I created the Wisco Mile which now draws 225+ runners from all over Wisconsin. There are 12 races contested over the 2+ hours. It also has a festival atmosphere with music, rabbits, race announcer and the like. I have enjoyed this event tremendously and really try to cater it to the various runners.

One of the biggest hurdles that I had to overcome was a date for the event. In addition to attracting the State Meet level runners, I also wanted to have grade school runners and JV runners who wanted one more crack at some PR. I also didnt want to conflict with the other post-season races like the Senior Spotlight meet and the Midwest Distance Gala. Although a mid-week meet may be tough for some runners, especially with high school exams, I figured the Wednesday after State would be my best option. The State Meet ends on Saturday. Rest on Sunday and Monday with some light running or maybe a few 200s on Monday. Short run and strides on Tuesday. Back to racing on Wednesday. It seems to make sense to me. We have had some pretty good results out of it. We’ve also attracted some very high quality Wisconsin runners. Thank you to all the coaches and runners for supporting it.

I just found out that the Midwest Distance Gala has cancelled their meet. I see that it has been replaced by another meet but I dont know how that is going to work out. For those that know the Wisco Mile and the history of it, should I strongly consider some of the following things:

Should I move the Wisco Mile to the weekend after State?
Should I add a 2 mile and an 800?
Should I make a bigger push to draw some Illinois runners to the meet?
What other ideas do you have to make the Wisco Mile even a better event? I’m always open to suggestions.

Thanks again for all of the support over the years.