Stress Fracture prevention?


I am entering my first college track season and coming off a great last two years of high school where I was stress fracture free I have once again gone back to the frail feeling of having a stress fracture in my tibia. In high school I had nasty stress fractures in my left and right tibias my sophomore year and basically had the same thing happen this fall where they came back fast and hit me hard. I just got healthy during winter break and got my aerobic back when I got the feeling again today.

I routinely ice my legs, take a loaded multivitamin, roll with a foam roller, stretch really well, and heat my legs before I warm up to ensure my calf muscles are prepared. I am coming off a great senior year where I had nothing in cross or track that was bone related. I just wanted to know if there might be more vitamins I could take or if maybe I am missing something or if someone else has dealt with this as well and been able to still run at an elite level?


Did you have a bone scan or MRI preformed? If not you may only have shin splints, not a stress fracture. Read the link. See if this is what you are experiencing.