Stoughton Invite


For the 2nd week in a row, SPASH quietly puts all 5 scorers, including 2 freshman, under 17. This is without their 2nd and 4th scorers from last year’s state meet.


@ccnoob hey congrats on the individual winner of this meet!!! I think its the first big invitational win!! It’s ok to highlight it that is a great accomplishment and ash Francis has definitely been a top 10 guy in the state this year it was a big win. James giftos is a nice scalp too. With that 800 speed he can really be a factor if he keeps improving although I’m sure the team title would be more of a goal especially while Middleton looks human. Chad Franz runs 16:11 with a 7 second win over ash Francis and 11 seconds over third place giftos


This is the potential difference maker in the state meet starting his own journey quietly. At least I think this is his first outing.

11 Roman Ystenes 16:39.64


What if Middleton broke off into groups with the idea that they dont want to go into the finale of the season tired and are all doing what they know works to peak at an exact point in time later on.

Easton, Leffen and Johnson are FIT so they are going to test it only where they want to test it. They are interested only in Conference, Sectionals. State and NXN. Plus Caleb would’ve had to make plans to go out to California so Middleton didn’t want to show all its cards (pun +1) on paper at Midwest.

Madoch is a great runner just like the top three but he might need the season to race into shape depending on where he is as at fitness-wise. Perhaps he is a journeyman. The other guys filling out varsity all have the opportunity to make the state team and national teams with good seasons.

Maybe Roman is fragile in some way or maybe they know he functions best with his own separate mission for the team on a six-seven race season. He is very confusing to follow but that makes it awesome to follow him closely. Roman Ystenes is such a wild card (pun +2) that he could be 15:25 talent in five weeks – no joke.

Maybe Middleton knows how to get their guys ready for the big day and last year’s state meet results in track were a vote of confidence.


I agree that they are probably playing possum so to speak but if it is not that they are in trouble. I think however it is probably the former. Roman has shown a propensity for getting injured and sick in the past so I think he is really under raced for that reason. Last year he exploded a great time at conference and then didn’t run sectionals or state I believe.


He ran faster at Stoughton last year than this, but wasn’t in the state meet last year.