What is your top storyline for this weekend? Examples for all divisions could be:

D1 Boys:
Team - Will this team race be as tight as expected?
Individual - Will the Finn/Tannor race materialize?

D1 Girls
Team - Will Sun Prairie dominate? Who’s #2?
Individual - Scott?, Davre?, Jochims?

D2 Boys
Team - Is WI Lutheran really the #1 team in D2?
Individual - Bailey?, Hatfield?, Otte?

D2 Girls
Team - Lux-Casco vs Freedom round 5, been ranked 1&2 nearly all year? Who steps up to challenge them?
Individual - Is this Feyen’s race? (Beghin, Sorg, Janik, Pyatskowit)

D3 Boys
Team - Darlington goes for 6 straight
Individual - Vannucchi vs Schiek?

D3 Girls
Team - Lourdes going for 4 straight
Individual - Ellenbecker?, Maire, Kisting?, Greene-Gretzinger?, Benzing?

Being more of a D2 guy, I am really looking forward to the D2 boys individual race. I think it is going to be a dogfight between Bailey, Hatfield and Otte. The team races on both sides should be tight in my opinion as well.


Definitely the D1 boys team race. Madison West, Middleton, and Arrowhead are so close, there aren’t going to be many points separating them at the end. I think the 6th and 7th guys for each of them will wind up determining who wins.

D1 individual is Finn’s to lose. I can’t realistically see anyone actually challenging him. Staying close for 2 miles, yes, but actually coming close to winning, no.


D1 Boys:

Individual I simply think Finn is a national contender and even though the other guys are really really good Finn has another gear.
Team This will be a tight race both literally and figuratively. Not going to be much room for mishaps to win this thing. If a team does there’s a secondary group of teams that won’t let you forget. The Big Eight will show it’s power.

D2 Boys:

Individual I have been an Otte fan since he ran 4:23 as a freshman and I’m sticking with this kid. Nevermind in-season losses to Bailey. By the end of his career he will be a D2 great. Bailey and Hatfield are also great runners. One will be under 16 the other just at 16.

Team Wisconsin Lutheran fans will have a long trip home and it serves them right. When you cheat the system(s) you’re bound to get burned. Usual suspects - DMP, Lakeland Union and Monroe - will be up top. Watchout for Omro and Shorewood.

D3 Boys:
Individual I think Vannucchi is the real deal and Schiek won’t let him just have the state title. Expect a dog fight between underclassmen. Schiek brings it when it counts.
Team Hard not to pick Darlington. Looked tough at Fennimore the past two weeks. But Chequamegon packs a mean punch. Classic North vs South battle. I am going with a North win. Vannucchi wins and a new star is born.

D1 Girls:
Team - Sun Prairie has the turnout and Waukesha West has been a top team all season long. Watch out for a late hitting ECM.
Individual Cami Davre all the way.

D2 Girls:
Team Freedom’s 5th is too far back. According to the Deerfield Sectional Results East Troy should be the team to beat. Can’t wait for transparency on this. I am going with Lux-Casco.
Individual Dana Feyen wins. Dells girl second. Pyatskowit third.

D3 Girls:
Team Lourdes. Lourdes. Lourdes.
Individual Ellenbacker wins.


Is there a live stream on the state meet this year??


The best actual race/storyline will probably be D1 girls or D3 boys.


I could certainly see it playing out that way. With the way I have seen Davre race, she seems unlikely to set the pace and risk blowing up but will likely match scott or jochims and use her superior speed at the end. I see the girls race being close heading into the final stretch.
I think D3 boys is very interesting, schiek seemed to me the early favorite after state track, started the season strong, seemed to struggle a bit in the middle and appears to be back in form now. Vannucchi has always been a big talent and has really emerged as of late. We could be watching the start of some great battles between these 2. Should be a great race.