Stop Watches


So, believe it or not, stopwatches are for more than running. I found this out during a week long running camp where I had more than enough time to try my hand at every stop watch game I could think of. Actually, it’s surprisingly fun and some of the challenges are quite fun. I want to hear about your personal achievements using the stop watch and hopefully we can get it into a list. Then we’ll have the most impressive list of stopwatch achievements ever.

I’m looking for exact times, watch type they were used on (stop watches, wrist watches, cell phones, etc.), and whatever other important details you have. Dates and time could be helpful if you have/remember them.

Here’s a few examples of mine:[list][]Exactly stopped my wrist watch at exactly 60.00 minutes at the end of an hour run.
]Stopped wrist watch at 8.0 seconds.
[*]Maxed wrist watch out at 99:99:99
Also, your fastest time would be great. Let’s see who has the fastest time!


I always like to see how quickly I could start and stop the watch. With the version where start and stop are 2 different buttons I think I got .09 seconds, and with the kinds where it is the same button I think I got .07 seconds. I am talking about wristwatches by the way.


on my timex ironman watch, the fastest i could start it and get a split was .14 seconds


See if you can sing or whistle the “Jeopardy” theme in exactly 30 seconds without looking at the watch.


On a stopwatch I’ve done .05 but on my Nike wristwatch there is a seperate start/stop button so it’s kind of easy to get like .01.

I do at the end of everything end it at exactly the minute to the hundredth.