Steubenville Rape


damnnnn what the **** is happening to the media.


I cant believe they are getting this much sympathy from cnn, its not like they were convicted of statutory or some bull**** like that, they raped an unconscious girl and took photos and video of her if i recall correctly. I know they’re just teens and teens make stupid mistakes, but they raped a girl and cnn is acting like its a ****ing travesty that they are on the sex offender registry. There are plenty of people who don’t deserve to be on that registry, but they are lucky getting out of this with only a year in juvenile detention imo.


I don’t understand the sympathy here either. Anybody who has any knowledge of this town shouldn’t be too surprised. The football program IS the town. The entire town was rooting against this victim because this could ruin their 2013 football team. No other real reason. I think the school should have to quit football forever with the kids dispersing to other neighboring districts to get rid of the stigma and the special treatment and privilege the kids in town have gotten forever. That would be justice, that would mean change.



Or, they could give all the students scholarships to Penn State. Problem solved.


CNN ****ing sucks, those football players deserve every bad thought that comes with the term “sex offender”